The Burien Police Department on Saturday (March 22) announced that, working in cooperation with U.S. Postal Inspectors, they had busted a Mother and Daughter team and recovered “mountains of stolen mail.” Police originally responded to a mail theft report in January, when a victim reported that her mail had been stolen, and that the suspects used her identity to obtain credit cards in the her name. “Unfortunately this happens too often and is a difficult crime to solve,” said Burien Police on their Facebook page. “In this case, Officer Ghrmai took a detailed report which was forwarded to Detective Glasgow. With some exhaustive investigation, a nearby neighbor was identified as the suspect and a judge signed a search warrant for her home. Not surprisingly, the suspect was very familiar to the Burien Police and had been terrorizing her neighbors with various crimes including theft and suspected burglaries.” Detectives and U.S. Postal Inspectors served the warrant and recovered mail from nearly 1,000 victims, resulting in the suspect and her adult daughter being arrested. The US Postal Inspector is taking the case from here with federal charges expected to be filed against both suspects. Police added “Please help us prevent mail theft by visiting this USPS website:” “If you ever see someone accessing a mailbox without a mail carrier vehicle, you should safely get a description and call 911. A big thank you to Detective Glasgow who turned one single piece of stolen mail into a large federal case against two prolific thieves!”]]>

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9 replies on “'Mountains' of stolen mail recovered from Mother/Daughter team in Burien”

  1. Here is a idea these two should have to suffer 1 paper cut for each piece of mail stolen (including junk mail). Then jail time no band-aids jail cell beds blankets and clothing all covered in salt and rubbing alcohol sponge baths every hour .

  2. I would like to know what neighborhood they are referring to… I have had mail stolen as well in the Gregory Hieghts area.

  3. Many rural letter carriers and express delivery drivers use their own personal vehicles to deliver the mail

    1. burien/tukwilla is not a rural area and these are most likely not us postal employees that were arrested the people in the rural area are ether employ by the us postal department or volunteers that register with there local post office

  4. I was one of the victims. They stole a medical insurance statement. I didn’t know a thing about it unitl the Postal Inspector sent me a form to fill out w/a copy of part of the mail. I live in North Highline area by fire station 19.

  5. If they are found guilty I hope their sentence’s are significant enough to keep these criminals off of our streets for a long time.
    I would also like to know when the recovered mail is going to be delivered.
    I suspect it is currently being held as evidence.

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