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Photos courtesy Burien Police Department.

On Thursday (Jan. 22) just before 1 p.m. detectives and deputies with the Burien Police and King County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at a house in the 12400 block of 12th Ave South. This location has been the source of criminal activity for several months, with seven stolen cars recovered there in the past two months. On Wednesday (Jan. 21), an adult male and female related to the address were booked into the King County Jail for Violation of the Uniform Firearm Act (VUFA). Both of them have numerous prior felony convictions. Police say that the house is bank-owned and the people staying there were squatting. There were several adults at the home when the warrant was served, and they are facing potential fraud and possession of stolen property charges. Numerous pieces of stolen mail were recovered, including credit cards and checks. It’s believed the occupants were committing fraud and identity theft by washing the checks along with altering and/or making credit cards. A firearm and methamphetamine were also seized from the residence. A search warrant served on a vehicle related to the house contained an illegally altered rifle. Burien Police were assisted by U.S. Postal Inspectors, Department of Corrections, and the city of Burien Code Enforcement. The house has been boarded up and posted as no longer being habitable. Over the coming weeks detectives will be following up to file appropriate charges against those associated with the house.]]>

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13 replies on “Problem house in Burien shut down for squatters, stolen property & more”

  1. Huge kudos to the Burien PD and Officer McDonald for taking neighbor concerns seriously and acting to move the bank into action and evicting these illegal “tenants.”

    1. You Know QA, quite a few of us law abiding citizens live in North Burien. At least we are good common hard working folks, not class oriented snobs like you and your Hurstwood/Lake Burien/3 tree point- neighbors

      1. I would have to agree with QA. While yes, I am sure there are many very nice, hard working people in North Burien, it is not somewhere I would feel comfortable raising my family.

      2. So weak on your part for taking jabs at specific neighborhoods in your post. You could’ve just been done after your first sentence, but no, you indentify certain neighborhoods that you must have contempt for.

        1. Rob
          You are a Hypocrite. You can’t defend a stereotype by stereotyping. There are good neighbors that care and there are bad neighbors. Every community has bad neighbors that bring down neighborhoods.

  2. this happens EVERYWHERE…even in the high end communities…fact is, there are drugs and thieves all around us every day…

  3. Why did it take 5 (five) different entities to get rid of this vermin from our lovely community?
    Hello? City leaders?
    Crickets chirping.

    1. Exactly .. We should hold these banks to the fire and fine them for not taking responsibility.
      Nothing like getting hit in the pocket book for a bank to sit up and take notice!

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