On Sunday afternoon, Feb. 4, 2024, an adult and child capsized in their watercraft while on Puget Sound waters off the shores of Normandy Park.

King County Fire District #2 and South King Fire & Rescue units responded.

KCFD2 launched a rescue boat from the south beach at Three Tree Point, where whitecaps could be seen offshore; a Small Craft Advisory was issued by the National Weather Service on Sunday morning.

South King Fire’s Zenith boat – launched out of the Des Moines Marina – was able to rescue both victims and get them to shore.

Extent of any cold water injuries are unknown at this time.

The victims were taken to the hospital by way of Airlift Northwest.


Below is video of an EMT carrying the child to a waiting ambulance at the Des Moines Marina, as shot by an eyewitness:

YouTube player


Below are photos from the scene at Three Tree Point, as photographed by Scott Schaefer (click arrows or swipe on images to view slideshow:

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  1. Nice coverage Scott. I heard the sirens going down Maplewild but didn’t walk down. Lots of big white caps today. Hope they are okay.

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