Burien Parks announced this week that large rocks have been placed along the main entrance road at Seahurst Park in response to “multiple occurrences of vehicles hopping the curb and running through the entrance bollards and chains, in efforts to get into or out of the park during closed hours.” 12105851_10153300778568931_1607864179463359235_n 12122847_10153300778698931_1327801651868327563_n 12080167_10153300778498931_24268179815589799_o “The rocks were acquired as surplus from the Southwest Suburban Sewer District, and delivered and placed with the assistance of Burien’s Public Works Department,” reads an announcement. “Using this approach, this collaboration between Burien Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Burien Public Works and SWSSD saved approximately $10,000 over the cost of a set of installed traffic bollards.” According to the city’s website, operating hours at Seahurst Park are from 8 a.m. until Dusk daily. Closing times are posted at entrance. Facilities (i.e. bathrooms) are opened at 8AM and closed at posted times. Restrooms may be closed during winter months.]]>

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9 replies on “After-hours drivers beware: 'Vehicle Barrier Rocks' placed at Seahurst Park”

    1. @Cheryl, yes, a sign is posted on the backside of the gate, with a phone number that drivers can call to have the gate unlocked by a private towing company. There is a fee however; no portion of the fee goes back to the City. There are multiple signs going into the park prominently posted with the closing time. Please plan appropriately.

  1. The simple answer is not to get stuck after hours. My guess is that the curb was jumped to get INTO the park after hours, not jumped to get out of the park after hours.

    1. Scott, As a resident near the park I, and several other neighbors, have seen numerous instances of people leaving the park in their vehicles after hours and doing plenty of damage in the process. Some get caught, some do not. The only people I have seen enter the park after hours have been on foot. Simply sharing my observation for what it’s worth.
      Personally, I hope the rocks will prevent further damage to the beautiful park so everyone may enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.

    2. No. It was the people who decided that they can leave at their own discretion, even though, the Parks custodian calls out at least a half hour ahead of closing to warn everyone. Before the rocks, it was almost a nightly “show” of screaming and cussing when confronted with the closed gate. Once there were 6 cars lined up. At least they probably shared the cost of getting it opened.

    3. As a one who lives near the park I, and several other neighbors, have seen numerous vehicles exit, or attempt to exit the park after the park has closed. In case anyone doubts what I’ve seen, the vehicles have all been pointed in the direction of the fenced perimeter of the park, with tracks that clearly originated from the park road to rear of their stuck vehicles. Never have I, or others that I know of, seen vehicles enter, or try to enter the park after hours. People on foot? Yes. But vehicles, no.
      I applaud the parks department for taking this action to reduce the costly, unsightly damage done to the park by those who would rather damage city property than to live up to their own mistakes.

  2. Don:
    Thanks for your input. I too am pleased that they took steps to keep the after hours people from causing damage.

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