It’s that time of year again – the Burien Tree Lighting Festival ceremony will begin at 5:30 p.m. this Wednesday, Dec. 3 at the large Fir tree at the Economy Wiring store located at 633 SW 148th Street in Burien. Santa will arrive with Burien firefighters on a big red fire engine, and the St. Francis School Choir will sing Christmas songs. Treats and hot beverages will be available for everyone. Come out and enjoy the evening! This tradition has illuminated the Burien skyline for well over 26 years now. Economy Wiring Founder Gwin Smith started this tradition in 1966 when he first bought Economy Wiring. Over the years his small celebration has grown to include the St. Francis Choir and the King County Station #2 Burien/Normandy Park Fire Department. In the first eight years of the tree lighting, Gwin climbed the huge fir tree himself to install the lights and then climbed back up in January to take them down. This changed some years ago, when the fire department took responsibility for installing and removing the lights. Come out and enjoy the evening!

Economy Wiring & YB Tubless 633 SW 148th Street Burien, WA Phone: (206) 244-7542

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