What began as an auto theft investigation lead to recovery of “lots” of stolen property from a home near S. 128th and 2nd Ave South in Burien on Monday (April 20), according to police. “While recovering a stolen car, a second stolen car was located,” Capt. Bryan Howard told The B-Town Blog. “Detectives then served a search warrant on the residence and recovered lots of stolen property and bank checks.” Police add that one resident was booked for investigation of possessing stolen property, and that additional charges and arrests are likely.]]>

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15 replies on “Auto theft investigation leads to recovery of 'lots' of stolen property in Burien”

  1. Is there a way we can find out if any of the stolen items are ours? I had a laptop and cell stolen recently. I know it’s a long shot, but, willing to try anything.

    1. If you knew your serial numbers or had them written down and provided them to the police, they’ll be able to match up your property to the items recovered during the search warrant.
      If you didn’t have that info or the items stolen don’t have the serial number, it gets a little tougher for the police to 100% positively ID your property against the recovered property.
      I highly recommend recording your serial numbers – especially for your portable devices like iPhones and tablets – somewhere safe like Google docs that you can access if your device is stolen. I’ve also heard of a program/website called Trackmole that you use to record your serial numbers.

  2. How does the police find out who the property belongs to? Know someone who had their broken into while she was moving and stole a ton of stuff, including laptop and checkbooks.

  3. All the more reason to spend $10.00 on an electric needle tip engraving tool available at any hardware store. Put your initials on a visible yet out of the way place, no mistaking what’s yours at the Police evidence room.

  4. I would really like to find my stolen rim. they aren’t anything fancy it’s just part of a set how annoying

  5. We had a Bell Red energy solutions truck stolen from our house with all our tools in the back. They stole the copper tubing and ransacked the truck and then left it in the U district. This happened Tuesday of last week. Sure hope there is a way to see if the stolen property is ours.

    1. There been a couple of oddball scrap metal guys in the area look out for a smaller dark green truck driving around I think its a ford ranger. They stop by are place we had piece of wireing in are trash pile ( about 3 feet long) the guy’s eye got so big I thought they were going pop out his head. Real scuffy looking guys a few days after that a couple of are cars got ran sacked they didn’t get anything. There lucky they didn’t catch a round in the back of the head.

  6. I live on 126th, near 2nd ave and always pass by this house. It always seemed suspicious that every day there were many people working on different cars in the full drive way or road shoulder. At all hours of the day and night.

    1. I suggest setting up a security camera you can get them for kinda cheap on amazon. Then you can figure out who it is or at least around what time there coming. Then ether call the police or arm your self with a baseball bat and give the criminal a good knock up side the head. I have seen some different kids or teenagers walking down the street around 2:30pm to 3:30pm. Most likely just walking home from school but they could also be scouting things out. Also like I said before watch out for these scrap metal guys most them will help them self to stuff on your property Especially if no one answer the door if they knock at all. I have notice a few just driving around looking down people’s drive ways
      I have herd that some will just grab anything metal and take off with it. They take it to the scrap yard get some quick cash for it then go buy there meth or heroin or what ever there doing. If any scrap metal people come by your place the best thing to do is wright down there names and phone numbers if there willing to give it to you or try to get there license plate number then keep the information in case something go’s missing you have a possible lead to give the cops. Some these people might be legit at what there doing and they can help get rid of some metal items that you don’t want deal with taking to the dump but there are to many to tell who are the good ones and who are the bad ones. It seems to be the latest quick cash grab type of activity around.

  7. My daughter and her friends are the reason the police were sent to this home. We all live in the Portland, OR. area. My daughter and her friends went to Seattle for a concert and found there car missing after the concert ended. The car they were in had a GPS tracker which located the car to the above address (stupid criminals never think that far ahead). These criminals used one of the girls credit cards to fill the car with gas and then bought food. They took all the kids personal affects that were in the car and stranded them in Seattle. I just hope someone can get back items that were stolen because so far, the kids haven’t been able to get anything.

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