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The old Skipper’s restaurant at the corner of SW 148th and Ambaum Blvd. SW is currently undergoing renovations to become a Starbucks, according to Dan Trimble, Economic Development Manager for the City of Burien.
The 3,300 square foot restaurant, located on a nearly-25,000 s.f. plot of land at 901 SW 148th Street, housed a Skipper’s Seafood & Chowder restaurant until closing in May, 2009.
It then re-opened under new ownership, who struggled to make ends meet before closing again in Sept. 2013.
It is unknown if this new Starbucks will be a “regular” one, or perhaps more of the new “Grande” specialty/roastery stores. There are also rumors of it being a 24-hour drive-through.
An opening date has not yet been set, and when we contacted Starbucks to get more information, all they told us was:

“We’re always looking for great new places to open stores, so it is possible. I however do not have access to that information. I am sorry for any inconvenience…”


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13 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: From fish & chips to coffee, old Skippers will become a Starbucks”

  1. All of us at Burien Towing are thrilled to see Starbucks add a much needed drive thru location right next door. If they are serving 24 hours a day, we may be able to single handedly keep them in business 🙂

      1. It seems to be a reaction to the phrase “much needed”. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether it was presented tongue-in-cheek or not.

  2. Oh thank god! I was super worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it from 1st & 148th SBucks without needing another caffeine fix. Really thought, it just makes my trip to the Five Corners (TJ’s) SBucks that much more bearable. #neverbreaktheloop #dailyroutine

  3. I predict a major reduction in road rage in Burien due to the fact that less people will have to use the HORRIBLE drive thru location at 5 Corners.
    Whoever planned that one should be arrested.

  4. From someone who drinks a lot of Starbucks (seriously, alot, I get my “12th free” usually 1.5 times a month), this seems like overkill.
    Within a 1 or 2 mile radius we already have
    – 5 Corners Location @ 1st and 160th
    – Burien Town Square (that’s the name, right?) Location @ 1st and 148th
    – Inside Safeway Location @ 1st and 148th (that, in and of itself is ridiculous due to the one in the same LOT)
    – New Inside Fred Meyer Location @ 1st and 143rd
    and now potentially another one @ Ambaum Blvd and 148th?
    I get that the grocery store locations are kinda/sorta seperate, but do we really need three stand-alone locations in such close proximity? Two on (basically) the same street (per Google Maps, like 0.6 Mi)?
    The drive through at 5-corners is terrible, I’ll certainly not argue that. Perhaps the lease is about to renew and maybe the plan is to close 5-Corners. That would make sense I guess, for the drive-thru alone.

  5. When a good renter takes over a vacant dump with the intention of cleaning it up. Who cares how many coffee joints there are? It’s great to see another improvement to Ambaum blvd. I’m happy to see that it’s not another attempt to open something that will fail and cause further degradation to the neighborhood.

  6. Very exciting.. Maybe it will be one of those container ones like they have in Ballard. Will be so nice to see that corner cleaned up. Now if we could get a bagel shop to open in Town Square under the condos. Fresh bagels, yum, yum…

    1. Bagels in Burien would be nice. But how about a Jimmy Johns, hot wings place or a steak house. I think Burien could use those businesses too.

    2. Time to wake up the sleepy masses of Burien and charge you guys up a little
      with , wait for it,, A STRIP CLUB,

    1. Java,
      2 thumbs down? Some folks have no sense of humor I guess.
      I thought it was pretty funny.
      Lot of truth in it actually

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