What the heck is an old remote control doing embedded in a tree? Click image to see larger version.

Story & Photos by Sterling Paris
Intern, Big Picture High School
At my school – Big Picture High School in Burien – an old remote control-like device is embedded in a tree:
Yes you read that right – some kind of weird old remote control device is embedded in a tree!
This remote looks very old, and for once I really don’t have a story for you…just a mystery:

Just how the heck did this device get embedded in the trunk and bark of a tree?

What oh what the heck is it?

We know nothing about it – all we only know is that it’s really old (from the 1960s or 70s?), and it’s in one of the trees at the school (which is formally a transition school for different districts) and is way up about 15-20 feet in the trunk. It may also have a chain attached to it – we just don’t know.
Nobody has yet to climb up the tree and examine the device, but it appears to have the word “Taiwan” written on it.
So we are asking for our Reader’s help!
My theory: When the tree was just little – maybe five feet tall – some kids put a remote and chain at the base of the branches. The remote got forgotten, the tree grew up and the kids went away.
I know its not a good theory but that’s all I’ve got – please leave a Comment below with your theories on this weird device!
Some photos courtesy Nancy Pappas, Career Development & Internships Coordinator at Highline Big Picture School.

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