Last weekend, the owners of Junkie Jane’s announced in a Facebook post that they will be going out of business and closing their doors for good on Dec. 20.

One of the more unique shops in B-Town, the store opened in 2017 and sold eclectic finds including antiques, industrial items, art, collectibles, vintage, and much other cool stuff.

But sadly, it’s likely that the owners couldn’t cope with the drastic economic effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Junkie Janes is located at 902 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien.

“Jamaica and I and our two kids Destin and Starla would like to thank Burien for the chance to interact with so many great Burienites,” they said. “Sadly after 3 years we are going to have to close the doors. December 20th will be our last day. But keep following us because we will pop up here and there for pop up sales in the years to come. Jamaica and I are committed to continue support of Burien. For our Facebook following we are giving you an advance notice and just say 25% at check out and receive a discount. WE WILL MISS YOU ALL…”

And just for the fun of it, here’s the backstory on the origin of the name “Junkie Jane’s”:

The Story behind the name JUNKIE JANE is a story about Love Birds and recycling. The Story starts with Margaret Jane Blight who was born in Flint Michigan in 1923. Margaret met Al Allen when they were children and they went to school together. Al went into the Army during WW2 and Margaret moved to Southern California. Upon his return home from Europe he jumped into his 1940 Chevy and drove the long road of Route 66 to California to find his sweetheart. Al and Margaret married and had 2 daughters, Virginia and Nanci. Margaret always had a love for antiques. Al and Margaret would ride their bicycles and Margaret would pick up coins and cans to recycle. She kept her eye open for treasures everywhere; even along the roadside thus she was nicknamed “Junkie Jane” by her friends and family.

The family tradition continued with both of their daughters. In the 1970’s Virginia and her husband Duane loved going to auctions in Kansas and brought home beautiful pieces that they restored and still have in their home today. Nanci married Ken and they have a small farm where they can carry on the tradition of restoring & collecting old treasures also. Their motto is Reuse – Recycle – Renew.

Margaret was the 2nd daughter in her family and her middle name was Jane. Nanci is Margaret’s 2nd daughter and Jane was also her middle name. Jamaica is Nanci’s 2nd daughter so her middle name is Jane. The “Jane” tradition has continued for many generations of the 2nd daughter in each family.

Jamaica married Clint and these two love birds soon found that they really enjoyed going to storage and barn auctions, garage and estate sales, and where ever else they might make that special discovery of some unique item. Jamaica soon referenced this as “MY HOBBY WITH MY HUBBY”! Jamaica, Clint and their two children, Destin and Starla, moved to Burien WA in 2015 and fell in love with the area. So when a spot opened in Olde Burien, Jamaica and Clint decided to open up JUNKIE JANE’S: selling their Unique Finds of antiques, industrial, art, retro, and up-cycled items.

We wish Jamaica and Clint the best, and we appreciate what they brought to B-Town!


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