Local home goods store The Shoppe Seahurst is on the market after six years in business, owner Beka Atwood announced on social media this week.

The decision comes as Atwood balances motherhood with running the store, which she says has seen its best year yet.

“To say it plainly,” she wrote, “there’s been several moments in the past year where it felt like I was choosing between two babies: The Shoppe Seahurst and my child Thoren.”

The Shoppe Seahurst, known for its curated selection of home goods and gifts, has become a beloved fixture in Olde Burien since opening in August, 2018. Atwood expressed confidence in the store’s future, stating, “I see it only growing stronger with years to come.”

While the Shoppe Seahurst is up for sale, Atwood assures customers that it will continue operating as usual.

“We are continuing business as usual, with new product and your Shoppe favorites alike,” she wrote.

Atwood has accepted a new role at Lavish Roots, another Burien business, and sees this as the best decision for her family.

“This doesn’t come as an easy decision,” she said, “but it’s one that’s best for me and my family.”

For those interested in purchasing The Shoppe Seahurst, Atwood is working with a local Business Advisor, Anthony O’Neil, who can provide you the details. Anthony’s email is [email protected] for any inquiries.

Atwood expressed her deep gratitude to community, saying:

“I will always be here with hugs and gratitude to everyone that has stepped through these doors or follow me on social. Truly, you are my Shoppe Seahurst Family ♥️.”

Atwood is continuing business as usual, with new product and Shoppe favorites alike. So come on by Tuesday – Friday 11 a.m.–5 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

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