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B-Town Blog Intern Bryan Charles, of Burien’s Big Picture High School, recently lead a team that won the ‘MOHAI History Award’ from the Museum of History and Industry for a group-collaborated animation called ‘History is Repetition.’
This student-created animation beat at least nine other entries in the Under-18 Youth Category for the award.
Charles worked with Thien Vo and Liban Mohamud, and together they won $1,000 total and walked the red carpet at a big ceremony last Saturday night.
History is Repetition is a short animation that shows that history is a repeating tale of the powerful imposing their will upon the weak,” reads a statement by the Artist. “The era and people may change, but the story remains the same…History is Repetition.”
Here were the competition guidelines from MOHAI’s website:

  • The title of your film must respond to the prompt: “History Is_____” by filling in the blank with one word or short phrase. Choose the word or phrase that best describes history for you; “fun”, “dangerous”, “here”, “my family”, and “all around me” are all great answers.
  • Your film must include MOHAI’s introductory graphic, provided here (480p) and here (720p). (Right Click and save the file)
  • Running time of your History Is____ film, including credits and the introductory graphic, must be a minimum of 60 seconds and may not exceed 5 minutes.

Congrats to Bryan and his team for an outstanding job!
Here’s the animation – click full screen and 720p for best viewing experience:
Charles has been interning at The B-Town Blog for the last three years.]]>

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