By Marley A. Mutt Some people might wonder what we dogs like to celebrate this time of year. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice? Do we prefer to hang stockings or light menorahs? Honestly, when it comes to us dogs, all we want to do this time of year – and any time – is celebrate being with you, our people. We don’t care if we sing carols, or spin dreidels if you are near us, and we can put our little fuzzy head in your lap. That said, my Mom and Dad are Christmas people, so they like buying me little presents to put under the tree and in my stocking. There are the things I get every Christmas: a new Kong, stuffy, tasty treats, these are all great…don’t get me wrong. But, what I really love is spending time with my Mom and Dad. If all dogs could write at the 4th grade level like me, they would tell you that all they want this time of year is for you to spend some time with them. It seems like people go a little crazy this time of year. Mom and Dad definitely seem more stressed. They fight a little more, mostly in the kitchen while they try to cook things. Which is pretty cool because then they forget to take out the garbage and I get to eat more people food. They also spend a lot of time shopping for gifts for each other and picking out and sending cards. Seriously, dogs don’t send cards, it’s not our thing. I mean, it’s great if it’s something people want to do. But, us dogs, we don’t need to send you a card to tell you what we’re thinking or feeling. We’re thinking “I sure love my person!”. What are we feeling? Love. Love for you, love for being near you, and love for just being a dog. Here’s my advice to everyone this Holiday Season: First, come home an hour early on Fridays and take us to the dog park. Maybe we can only spend a few minutes there before It gets too dark. But, those few minutes with you outside in the fresh air have been what’s kept us going all day cooped up in the house with nothing to do except sniff your laundry and nap on the couch. Yeah, we know we shouldn’t be on the couch. But, you should really do your laundry too. Let’s not judge. Second, if you can’t get off early, take us out to dinner with you. Don’t worry about cooking (and fighting about cooking) and head to a cool place that let’s us dogs hang out with you, like Pit Stop Bottle Shop. They’re on 153rd in Burien and let us dogs hang out inside with our people. My Mom usually gets mac and cheese. It’s awesome and has bacon in it that she shares with me. Dad usually gets a burger. He always says he’s going to get something else, but always gets the burger. They have fancy and not so fancy beer for people who like beer. It seems like all people like beer. They also have doggie bingo there a couple times a month. It’s fun and they donate money back to charities that help us dogs. We call that a win win situation. Finally, don’t worry so much about buying stuff for each other and us, or trying to make everything perfect. Just find a way to spend a little more time with us. Take us to the park, walk with us to the coffee shop, or toss us that tennis ball in the back yard a few times. We don’t need much. But, what we do need is to know that you love us. Knowing we’re loved doesn’t cost a dime, but it does take time. That’s all any of us really want and need this Holiday Season, or ever. Also, bacon, beer and bingo, those are good things too. Wishing everyone love and bacon this Holiday Season and always. Happy Holidays from your Marley A. Mutt!]]>

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