By Marley A. Mutt Hi, my name is Marley. I’m a 10-year-old mixed breed rescue dog. My dad found me in a local shelter and brought me home when I was very young. I don’t like to talk about my life before the shelter. But, let’s just say, not all humans are super great to other animals or each other. I’m thrilled to join The B-Town Blog as the blog’s first non-human reporter focused on issues from the 4-legged perspective. Sometimes my mom and dad call me Marley Mutt, sometimes Moo Moo, it just depends on their mood and how good I’ve been. I try to be a really good dog. I don’t eat their furniture. I don’t bite my niece and nephew when they visit, even though sometimes they totally deserve it. I don’t bark, I don’t beg and I always wear my leash when we go for walkies. It’s a good thing too that I have a great leash and a mom and dad that use it because on Monday night when my mom and dad were watching the Burien City Council the council decided that humans that walk their dogs without a leash can get a ticket or maybe even go to jail. Mom and dad were watching the meeting and drinking whisky, they say that’s the best way to know what’s happening in the city and cope at the same time, and I saw the whole thing! Mom said she was happy that people can’t keep letting dogs roam around off-leash because sometimes she’s worried we’ll meet a bad dog and I’ll get hurt. That happened to my friend Larry down the street. Larry is not the same dog he was before. He has serious PTSD and won’t go outside unless his mom gives him special doggie medicine. Poor Larry. Mom and I can still hang out at the Burien Dog Park off-leash. Just not at Seahurst or other parks that aren’t designated “off-leash” zones. I also heard dad say he needs to stock up on poop bags because there’s now going to be a fine of up to $250 if he’s caught not picking up my poop. Mom and dad argued for a while about this because mom’s always picking up my poop and dad says he’ll pick it up and then forgets. Then when mom’s friends come over for book group, Sally accidentally steps in it. Boy, was mom mad. Sally had to wear mom’s Ugg boots home and mom has never gotten them back. “They might by ugly, but they were really comfy” mom says, again, for like the 100th time. Poor mom. Overall, it was an interesting council meeting. I saw my friend Debra there from Burien C.A.R.E.S. She always gives me treats when I visit her at the shelter or the Farmers Market. Dad fell asleep on the couch before the meeting was over. Poor dad. Mom and I went outside for a potty break, number one, before we went to bed. Looking forward to being your dog on the street and bringing you the news your furry friends care about the most!]]>

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