Planning Commission Chair Charles Schaefer was removed by a 4–3 vote at the Burien City Council’s Special Hearing Thursday night, June 15, 2023.

Voting to remove him after a nearly three-hour, contentious and emotional meeting were Mayor Sofia Aragon, Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling, Councilmembers Jimmy Matta and Stephanie Mora.

Voting against his removal were Councilmembers Cydney Moore, Hugo Garcia and Sarah Moore.

Schaefer had served as the unpaid, volunteer chair of the city’s Planning Commission for just over one year.

His term was set to expire March 31, 2026.

We will have more information about the hearing in a full story, which will be posted soon.

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3 replies on “BREAKING: Charles Schaefer removed from Planning Commission after intense Burien City Council hearing”

  1. To Sofia Aragon, Kevin Schilling, Jimmy Matta, and Stephanie Mora,

    It is with great urgency and disappointment that I call upon each of you to immediately resign from your positions on the Council. The disgraceful circus stunt witnessed last night has left an indelible mark on our community. Your actions have irreparably damaged the relationship with dedicated volunteers, and it is essential that you take responsibility for the harm caused.

    The unwarranted actions against one of our most sincere and effective advocates reflect a lack of respect and empathy. It is incumbent upon you to recognize the gravity of your misjudgments and the consequences they bear.

    Resigning from your positions is a necessary step to begin repairing the trust and healing the division within our city. I implore you to reflect upon the impact of your actions and act in the best interest of the community you were elected to serve.

    Sincerely, JJ Greive

  2. This city and others will not fix the homeless issue until they come to the understanding that jail has to be part of the enforcement. Those who are homeless need to be held accountable for cleaning up their mess by being dealt community service time along with any jail time. Make them clean up the city.

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