The King County Sheriff’s Office told The B-Town Blog that officers are chasing a man wanted on a domestic violence warrant near Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 124th-128th Streets Thursday afternoon, Jan. 26, 2017.

Police say the suspect ran from the area.

As of 4 p.m. this was an active, ongoing search, with a large police turnout, including the Guardian One helicopter overhead.

Here’s a video showing helicopter activity near SW 128th and Ambaum:

As we learn more information, we’ll update this post…

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10 replies on “Large police turnout in search for wanted suspect in Burien Thursday”

    1. JJ, would you like to talk about my comment? Its not insensative it an observation. I’m from Burien raised in Burien work, worship, coach kids sports, mentor teens all in Burien. Relax a bit. I love Burien.

    1. This is a racist inflamatory comment from someone with 0 level of self esteem…really a sad sack and not representative of personal djgnity, let alone human dignity. Take it somewhere else if this community and its diverse residents are so deplorable to you as it relates to your limited observations and racist toned comments. We all feel sorry for you and hope you soon find your self free of your self inflicted disattisfaction with anyone different then you. We simply so not need you in this diverse community! Good riddance. Your free to go and will never be missed.

    2. I’ve lived in that neighborhood for quite a while and have great neighbors of varied economic, religious, and racial groups. The best thing about them is they are confident in themselves and do not have to constantly put others down just to boost their own over inflated ego.

      1. He never said anything about race. I think you two are taking what he said wrong. The way I read it is that he is making a statement about how there is always crime in that area. If I remember one guy got beat up heading home from the store and just a couple months ago a guy got shot and killed. That is nothing about race…

  1. Believe me, the comments are as accurate as the QA daily posts. This is a community that could never meet the purity of culture this poster wants…thus its obvious the intent of the subtle discriminatory type comments from the writer. Sorry, it is unfair and inflamatory. There are many communities in the USA where QA could be with his own type. Have at it.

    1. Down here in SE Burien we don’t have police helicopters hovering, gang tagging and shootings or for that matter the level of crime and chronic public nuisance that exists in North Burien. Glad your so proud of the attributes of your hood, good for you.

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