UPDATE Oct. 30 1:22 p.m.: A shooting near the intersection of S. 154th and 24th S. in SeaTac (map below) Thursday afternoon killed one. This location is on the north end of Sea-Tac Airport near an access road, just south of SR 518 by the S. 154 exit. Police say that the victim’s vehicle was driving eastbound on S. 154th Street when an unidentified male shot at his car from another vehicle, striking – and killing – the driver. Deputies originally thought that a person found hiding nearby was a suspect (see video below), but they have since revised that theory to say that this person was apparently also a victim, and was a passenger in the car that was fired upon. That person was allegedly trying to escape the scene, and was mis-identified as a possible shooter. The driver – who was pronounced dead on the scene – managed to exit the car before collapsing. The victim vehicle apparently rolled eastbound past 24th Ave S. until it stopped about 50 yards from the intersection. The gunman is apparently still at large. The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that one person (no longer a suspect) was located in nearby woods via infrared camera on the Guardian One helicopter, with assistance from a K-9 unit. Here’s video showing the dramatic apprehension showing the person hiding in bushes as a squad of police approach: [youtube]https://youtu.be/ldcItrSSMPQ[/youtube] One Reader told us “there are at least 20 cops around the area all over. I believe they are looking for someone.” The Reader added:

“I happened to drive up on it on my way home and got turned around back towards pac highway. There are cops patrolling des moines memorial as well with weapons.”
She also said that S. 156th is closed near Highline High School. As we get more details, we’ll update this post. ]]>

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12 replies on “UPDATE: Shooting near Sea-Tac Airport Thursday kills 1; Sheriff video added”

  1. I’m a teacher at Highline HS and was just about to leave my classroom (right before 5pm– a 10 hr. day!) when we went on lockdown and now I’m stuck in here, searching the internet for news about why I’m not allowed to go home yet. Thanks for delivering it so promptly!

    1. You’re working too hard. Balance your life/work so you can survive and enjoy the time outside the ridiculous demands of teaching. Rarely see any central office staff spending that many hours at work…

      1. B – My spouse, who is education administration, is up in his home office right now at 10:10 pm working.

      2. Could that be because you rarely see what is actually going on in our schools? It is a shame our schools rely on so much unpaid time from those who care because the anti tax minority can block a levy.

    2. I should have said thanks for your work too! You are really on the front lines of education and everyone should appreciate the long hours you put in to do what is right for our kids.

  2. Thank you Tarvin for your dedication to our kids!
    I wish I’d seen this post earlier. Traffic was very clogged on 518 at 5 30, people could not turn off onto 154th, then there was another slowdown further east in 518 as well. At 7 15 pm, the 156th road and overpass were still closed. Anytime there’s a shooting close to planes landing, the potential for big problems increases quite a bit.

  3. Any further news on the ‘who, what, why’ that went on here? In watching the video, can’t help wondering what the little white spot is, that is left behind by the suspect when he gives himself up?

    1. That’s the heat signature of where they pooped and peed themselves when that Cop dog was about to be let loose on them.

      1. Whether it was road rage, running with the wrong crowd, wearing the wrong color or disrespecting the wrong person by accident, bad things happen to innocent? people.

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