B_W4hWEWAAE2YxF.jpg-large B_W4ecsU8AAApoy.jpg-large B_Wz9pyU8AAmhXO.jpg-large The Seattle Police Department is reporting that hundreds of suspected stolen items from robberies in Seattle ended up discovered inside a Burien home in the 12000 block of First Ave South Thursday morning, March 5. SPD’s Major Crimes Task Force has been on the trail of a ring of burglars, suspected of targeting homes in North Seattle, Queen Anne and Magnolia. Their hunt lead them to Burien Thursday morning around 7 a.m., when SPD SWAT served a warrant at the home, where police found “a ton of stolen stuff,” according to Major Crimes Task Force Captain Eric Sano. Police arrested two people inside the home for warrants, and are now investigating and sorting through evidence. Police believe some items found inside the homes may have been taken in unreported break-ins.]]>

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14 replies on “Burglary ring investigation leads Seattle Major Crimes Detectives to Burien home”

  1. It is so sad to see Burien, YET again in the news for criminal behavior. Now is the time to get tough on crime in Burien. Burien doesn’t have to be like this. It shouldn’t be a haven for criminals, homeless and vagrants. It SHOULD be a haven for the residents and business’s who lives here and pay taxes. Public safety trumps whatever excuse you have to let criminal behavior fester here.
    Fine, arrest and prosecute criminal behavior and activities. Make Burien INHOSPITABLE to criminals. Are you listening City of Burien Council? Your voting constituents are waiting for you to make a stand and stand up for us, through the criticism of the noise makers and the member of council who makes things outright difficult. ENOUGH. We have had ENOUGH.

  2. Burien… please.
    and now on 112th tonight a fleeing suspect.
    Plain and simple, it all boils down to how motivated the decision makers in the city are.
    Citizens concerned? you bet. Change? we’d love it. More enforcement? please.
    Il happily pay more in taxes if we can clean up the crap, get rid of graffiti, get sidewalks, enforce business to not look like something from Iraq.
    Change is not easy but man we have got to wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Maybe it’s time to explore the idea of a new police chief. As well as getting ready to vote OUT certain members of council…..

    2. I don’t see how outsourcing makes any difference. But there are a lot of constraints that the police force must work within, e.g. due to state law. To learn about those constraints, and why the “outsourcing” is actually good for Burien, I strongly encourage you to enroll in the Burien Citizen’s Police Academy. The next session starts March 25. It’s free, and you will gain an enormous respect for the fine officers that protect us. I am a proud 2012 graduate of the BCPA, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

    3. true. in november i called police because kids in the car park at Walgreens were shooting drugs.
      called police. after ten minutes, the kids get in the van and weave down ambaum. i follow and call to update police to hopefully help prevent a crash.
      by the time we get to white center, miraculously, with myself following at a safe distance, i figure if police cant respond to a reasonably risky situation in 17 minutes, im just an annoying citizen that keeps interrupting their Starbucks coffee break.

      1. Ok first exactly what did you see did you see? Because it could of been street drugs most likely or diabetic meds being that it happen at Walgreen’s in the parking lot when they have security cameras around so unless if you seen some real drug paraphernalia then yeah it seems odd to see something like but you never know and you say they were kids about what age where they if you had to guess If they were driving then thats at least 16 if not 18 . Even then if they were doing drugs all you have to do is give the police the license plate number and description of the car and people in it . Thats the only real info they need a car full kids possibly doing drugs is not a top priority call. The driving thats is a little scary but then again was the driver the one shooting up or not.

        1. I would say that no matter what he saw in the parking lot, a car “weaving down Ambaum” needs to be checked out by the police.

          1. It depends on if they actually weaving down the road or this person trying to get more of response by the police. It be rather stupid for someone to be shooting up drugs in Walgreen’s parking lot that has cameras . but it also seems like this might be some type of troll to make the police department look bad.

  3. Burien has been the safest place around Seattle that I have lived at, not one problem in 4 years (apart from littering). I came from West Seattle where hold-ups and burglaries were daily occurrences but here I have left ladders and tools out over night and nothing has ever been stolen! Maybe you need to put up more cheap and fake security cams and be more vigilant. Also, the police is ever present and very helpful around here!

    1. Tell that to your insurance agent when he pulls up your zip code.. If you venture out in the evening you may be in for a surprise. Also run crime stats for the area which are available. Ask any Officers working the beat how many actually live in this community…Very happy your experiencing a good situation where you are living at but if you read this B town blog each day you will see that we do experience a very fare share of Big time crime in this community… And right in the B town..

  4. Well this seems like this was more stash house for crimes in Seattle . But who knows what else might be there ether that house or one next to it was busted years a go for drug’s I believe it was heroin if I remember correctly . I am just glad the police are doing there job and catching these people. It a tragic lost for the family of the motorcycle rider that crash but it was there choice to take off like that.

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