A Maple Valley woman helped catch a suspect – a 28-year old Burien woman – who was suspected of stealing her purse and then burglarizing her home, when she spotted the suspect wearing her clothes at a restaurant Thursday morning (Jan. 23). Police say the incident started about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday morning (Jan. 22) at a Starbucks in the 27100 block of 168th Place in Covington. The victim and her brother were at the Starbucks when she left her purse sitting on a table unattended. Another customer told the victim that a woman had picked up her purse and left. The witness described the suspect as a white female about 5’7”, with extreme acne on her face. The victim flagged down a police officer and completed a larceny report while Covington Officers and King County Sheriff’s deputies searched the area for the suspect. The female suspect was not located. The victim and her brother returned to her home in the 24400 block of 214 Ave SE. When they arrived they saw a cab in the driveway. The victim asked the cab driver what he was doing and he said he had received a call to pick someone up from the house. The victim called 911 since no one was supposed to be inside the house. Maple Valley Police and King County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and searched the house. The suspect was gone but the victim pointed out numerous items that were missing including some of her clothing. The suspect(s) had also left some of their own clothing at the scene. Thursday morning (Jan. 23), just after 11:30 a.m., the victim and her brother went to eat at a restaurant in the 23200 block of Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road SW. As they sat down they noticed a woman at the table next to them. She matched the description of the suspect who had stolen the purse from Starbucks AND the victim noticed the woman was wearing some of her clothes which had been stolen from her house in the burglary yesterday. The victim called 911 as her brother and husband watched the suspect. The suspect hid in the bathroom until police arrived. The suspect also had in her possession other items stolen in the burglary and larceny. The suspect, a 28-year old Burien woman, was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary.]]>

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    1. Unfortunately most news or blogs can’t post the name because its a investigation when they charge The moron then they can post the name and not get sued. Think of it this way if for some reson you match a description and the police investigate and they find out your not the person but the news or a blog posted your info in connection with a crime you be a little upset. So as soon as this moron gets charge then we will find out who they are

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