By Jack Mayne The Port of Seattle is asking the Burien City Council to vacate all the streets in the part of the Northeast Redevelopment Area that it plans to develop. The property is bordered by South 138th Street to the north, 8th Avenue South to the west, and Des Moines Memorial Drive South to the east and south: Port-NERAMap-72116 NERA_Plat_Vacations The area was residential when it was bought 20 years ago for the third runway noise containment. Port spokesman Perry Cooper said the streets were not bought at the time. The plan (download PDF file here) – jointly created by the city and the Port – is to vacate the present three subdivisions to create a parcel of sufficient size to accommodate a future commercial and airport related use. “This completes that property so the entire area can be developed,” Cooper said. “This brings everything together.” The Port is working with Burien to develop this area into a mix of airport-compatible uses. The Burien Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Council chambers. The formal action item for this will be on the Port of Seattle Commission agenda for Sept. 13.]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

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  1. The City is already clearing out houses around the Old Grade School on 144th they bought and sold a few months ago…..4 Houses have been demolished with more to go…When will the 4th Runway be built?????

    1. The fourth runway already exists, it’s called Everett’s Paine Field. Commercial flights have been approved and a terminal is being constructed as a precursor to the inevitable growth. Your fourth runway rumors are unfounded and not realistic due to the topography and existing limitations which make it financially unrealistic.

  2. oh no the port is using land they already own aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s the end of world. oh wait no it’s not It’s just the port using some land they already own. To expand they would have to buy more land. To make a 4th runway they would have to buy more land like they did to make the 3thd runway.
    Also if you don’t like port or the airport why choose to live right next door to them.

  3. According to the plan about 16 acres are street ROW owned by the city. The above article does not say how much of this is to ve vacated but this is a substantial asset that should not just be given away. In the negotiated agreement for the Lower Duwamish River, the port was allowed to take over ROWs that divided their property in exchange for improved public access sites at the edge of their property or on other locations. In NERA the ROWs could be exchanged for expansion of the Miller Creek corridor in NERA or in acquiring more buffer area at other sites along the creek.

  4. An unrelated question as to this location, but what’s going on in Olde Burien with so many businesses closing? I understand one individual owns a lot of the properties there, but are businesses closing due to his actions or because the businesses are not doing well?
    I’m hopeful City Council is responsive to the business changes in the City.

  5. I notice there is no mention of sewer installations on 8th Ave. I wonder when Burien and the Port will decide to do something about the ground water pollution caused by septic tanks and drain fields in almost every yard in the entire city of Burien. It’s a giant cesspool. Gross.

    1. Well Jan that’s a interesting issue that can be solved by people properly maintaining their septic tank. By getting them pumped on a regular basis and using products like rid-x. Also not flushing non flushable items that can cause problems for septic tanks.

  6. Here’s how it’s going to happen, the Port will develop NERA and influence infrastructure development for all air freight and non essential flightline businesses to move there from SeaTac property. That way all the real estate adjacent to the runways can become new terminals and airplane gates. If you pay attention to the news you would know that already.

    1. Wait a minute QofA that’s a little to easy and simple to understand. This doesn’t leave much room for some of the people in burien to complain about.
      I think I great have idea for the Port of Seattle to ease the complainant’s mind. They can hire ex heroin addicts to plant tree’s on port own property. This way someone can write a long letter to the editor for others to bicker over while the ex heroin addicts are still planting trees.

  7. Only thing left to do is to move away. The port doesn’t want us here and the City of Burien is a joke when it comes to taking care of it’s citizens.

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