by Jack Mayne The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded a $5 million grant to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to redevelop and create 732,000 square feet of air cargo-related warehouse space and support 1,072 new jobs in Burien’s Northeast Redevelopment Area (NERA). Sen. Maria Cantwell announced the FAA grant Monday afternoon, Aug. 31. NERA is located between 8th Ave South, Des Moines Memorial Drive, and South 138th Street. Burien Mayor Lucy Krakowiak said the “grant award leverages city and port investments, state funding, and the hard work that our community has already put into redeveloping this area. Thanks to the efforts of our federal delegation, the funds will help us attract private sector investments and quality jobs to further boost our economy.” The goal of the plan is to transform the area from a mixture of vacant, residential, public and small commercial land uses to uses compatible with airport operations and existing and planned surrounding land uses. Much of the redevelopment will be on land on which a redevelopment plan has already been completed in partnership with the Port of Seattle. The Port, in partnership with Burien, will redevelop 66.54 total acres of airport land within a portion of NERA, an area heavily impacted by Sea-Tac Airport activity. The completed project would result in approximately 732,000 square feet of air cargo-related warehouse space for new tenants and support 1,072 new jobs, said a news release by Sen. Maria Cantwell. “This $5 million FAA grant is a big win for Burien and Washington state,” said Cantwell. “By redeveloping this area, we support SeaTac’s growing air cargo business, ensure goods are shipped more efficiently … Smart investments in our transportation infrastructure means greater opportunities for Washington small businesses.” Port of Seattle Co-President Stephanie Bowman said the money pushed for by Cantwell indicates “the strong economic development partnership between the port and the City of Burien…” adding that the “redevelopment of this property provides direct economic benefit to the Burien community.” Last fall, Cantwell wrote a letter in support of the Port of Seattle’s grant application to FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta, requesting the Port and City of Burien’s plans for economic redevelopment be approved.]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

6 replies on “Northeast Burien gets redevelopment boost with $5 million federal grant”

  1. “The goal of the plan is to transform the area from a mixture of vacant, residential, public and small commercial land uses to uses compatible with airport operations and existing and planned surrounding land uses.” I read this as saying, We don’t care if you have happily lived or owned a business in this area. Shoo, Get Out of Our Way! We plan to use your land and there is nothing you can do about it. We’ve managed to de-value the land, with our previous airport creep and scaring of the area. Your sewer district won’t put new sewer lines in because of our future plans, so sell off for whatever pennies you and get and get out of here.

  2. Every local Car Dealership has already remodled their business. Not one of them is going to move into NERA ZONE. The current Boeing Bldg. is 750,000 sq. ft and they only have 400 to 500 employees. Where do they get 1000 plus jobs? Typical wharehouse facilities have very few employees. How many houses are going to be removed? Less tax dollars for the city of Burien. Washington State has a victory…Burien has Lost!

    1. Shari, You are missing that the people who have lived and owned businesses (and paid taxes) in this area have seen their neighborhoods ransacked by the port’s take over and removal of whatever they please, while leaving one bit of devastation after another. Our property values are drastically reduced. The sewer district does not want to provide sewer lines that would help to market our homes. It’s a mess left to many older couples, who raised their families here. At best it is a buyer beware situation if you can find a buyer.
      The 5 million would be great if it were for economic development that enhanced what Burien citizens wanted. But to just become an adjunct to support the Port is a sad and ugly use of our land and community. They claim to give us parks and walking trails. But, the land was ours to begin with!

      1. Disagree. This area seems well-suited for airport-related use. By virtue of your home being so close to the airport, not to mention the fact that the 3rd runway was built, your home was worth less to begin with.
        Yes, this area was ripe with single-family homes for decades, but it’s silly to think that after the 3rd runway was built that zoning wouldn’t change.
        Perhaps at best the area will be commercially develped, and those owning homes will be bought out for a decent amount.

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