It’s Halloween week, and what better way to celebrate this fun holiday than with some local ghost stories?

We will be posting stories about local hauntings or paranormal experiences over the next few days, so if you’ve had one you’d like to share, please email [email protected] and we’ll publish the best ones.

Here’s a real-life spooky encounter that happened in Olde Burien, courtesy Marlene Moore:

My ghost experience in Burien happened about 2008-09 at The Mark Restaurant (now Classic Eats).

At that time there was a coffee station outside the kitchen doors behind the bar.

It was a busy shift and the bar area was full, so I didn’t see it happen but I heard a loud crash.

The whole room paused!

Ron Winter did see it and made a joke about the ghost in the bar. Everyone had a laugh.

He told me that one of the coffee cups that was stacked at the coffee station had levitated up, moved to in front of the kitchen doors, then dropped straight down, crashing on the floor.

On another occasion – actually on a few occasions – I’ve heard chairs moving in the back at closing. Nobody was there but me and one other person, and we were both standing together up front. They were scared, but I know spirits can’t hurt you.

I think it’s old Jim Moore checking on the place…

EDITOR’S NOTE: We checked with the owner and a current bartender at Classic Eats, and both told us that there is no “ghost activity” at this location at this time.

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