10265594_427265564079441_7531218190658040381_o 1890352_427265840746080_8621367221041198281_o The Burien Police Department is reporting that it busted an illegal marijuana growing operation in the 500 block of SW 128th Street on Tuesday (April 22), seizing 83 plants, 30 pounds of drying marijuana, and $8,420 in cash. Police were called to the scene by United States Federal probation officers, who were checking on a parolee under supervision for you guessed it – marijuana manufacturing. “Apparently the parolee didn’t benefit from his time incarcerated in federal detention because the probation officers discovered he was once again growing marijuana,” said Capt. Bryan Howard. “We suspect the federal judge won’t be very happy with the parolee. We were happy to remove this illegal grow and lessen the opportunity for crimes in the neighborhood and kids being introduced to drugs.” Howard added:

“We will protect voter approved marijuana sales and possession because voters thoughtfully kept it from schools, parks, daycares, and convicted felons. We will not look the other way when illegal growers compromise community safety.”

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7 replies on “Burien Police bust marijuana grow operation on SW 128th Street”

    1. Decent people like you moved out, and the riff raff moved in, so in a round about way it’s all your fault.

    2. Isn’t it strange that there are “drug” busts, but little attention is given to the robberies in Seattle.

  1. I wonder if the police will open there own pot shop now to get rid of the stuff they have confiscated 30 pounds alone could bring in a pretty penny for the city or county. I am pretty sure they ways of testing it (no I don’t mean the cops smoking it dumba**) to make sure its pure and not lace or anything witch most likely its not lace that usually only happens in the movies and to dumb girls that will hang out with any guy that will show them least bit of attention .

    1. You know, I have thought the same thing, not just Burien, but other cities/counties too. If they seize illegally grown weed and sell it, it is almost 100% pure profit for the city. I don’t know much about the growing of weed (or any type of gardening for that matter), so the only possible complication I could see, is not knowing what type of chemicals were used in the grow, which could be either dangerous, or have allergens.

  2. Is this one of many busts in the last couple weeks? Seems that I’ve seen quite a few articles from the BTown Blog about busts recently. Or is this the same one, with new news or something?

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