Acting on a complaint about narcotics activity, Burien Police detectives launched an investigation and quickly determined illegal drug dealing was involved. Tuesday night (Jan. 6), police served a search warrant on a residence in the 300 block of SW 160th Street. As a result, detectives recovered a sizeable amount of heroin, meth, cocaine and a couple of hundred oxycodone pills. Police said that oxy pills alone were valued at more than $5,000. Two adults were arrested, one for the drugs and the other for a felony warrant. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood and suspect something illegal is taking place, please contact police or file a report online by clicking below:

“Reducing crime requires a partnership with the community and we appreciate your assistance!” police said. “Nice work by our detectives!”]]>

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3 replies on “Burien Police recover sizeable amount of heroin, meth, cocaine and oxy pills”

  1. I’m glad they took the complaint seriously, it’s so obvious when a residence is dealing drugs. If police follow up on it, I believe more people will start to give the officers more tips.

  2. Lame bust. They’re just following the path of the American dream, so what if one of the of the stair steps is a little dirty? Hypocrisy from the top blows cold, squeezing the middle, deflating the ends by castrating the means. Power to the people.

  3. Great work by both the Burien Police and the folks who reported the problem! Would love to see photos of the suspects.

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