Recognize this person? The Burien Police Department is seeking this suspected thief, wanted in connection with a package theft in the 16900 block of 3rd Ave South: 12348065_685648531574475_4340849842638433464_n BurienPackageThiefCU

“Do you know me? I’m wanted for questioning in a package theft,” police said on a Facebook post. Please contact On a side note, we usually have an increase in mail and package thefts during the holiday season. Please do you best to look out for packages and move them inside as soon as possible. Also, work with your neighbors and ask them to pick your packages up if you’re not at home.”
On another note, we have heard that residents in other cities are trying some “creative” ways to deter thefts: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]]]>

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18 replies on “Burien Police seeking public's help finding suspected package thief”

  1. Is she so desperately poverty stricken that she has to stoop to stealing from people’s porches? What could be the reason?

    1. You don’t have to be poverty stricken to be a thief. Some wealthy people are thieves as well. The possibilities of her reasoning are endless. It’s 100% wrong, but will catch up to her.

  2. Has nothing to do with poverty, Shes nothing more than a low life thief.
    All she really needs is to be stripped and tied to an ant hill.

    1. @wondering – I hope you never get the opportunity to feel what it’s really like. I’ve been burglarized 4 times. Trust me, it’s not just stuff. You never get over the feeing of being violated. Never.

    2. You are right wondering, it`s only stuff, but its stuff honest people worked hard to get, saved for and to have some low-life take it like it belongs to them, society has no place for them as far as I`m concerned.

  3. Looks to me like she is either taking a picture or texting with a cell phone. So is she also an identity thief if she gets some info in the package to work with/sell?

  4. What kind of security camera took those pictures of the girl? I am thinking of getting some and would like to avoid that brand.

  5. After 25+years of providing a service related business that depended heavily on all of the carriers I can attest to the fact that theft is much more of an issue today than even just 5 years ago, It is very unnerving to experience mailbox theft, let alone packages being stolen from one’s home entrance. You become acutely sensitive to anyone in your area and feel quite compromised in your daily activity. Might you be away when a package is delivered? Should you leave your lights on? Will you loose a customer over a stolen package? How many times can you tell the local police and Post Office about rifled packages before they start to ignore you?
    This problem of package theft from homes and businesses needs to be addressed on a national scale by all of the carriers, including the US Postal System. I feel they should band together to create a plan of defense from theft. I do give them kudos for their online services, which do try to help with this issue. See the bottom of this post for more details on online services.
    As to catching the thieves here are some ideas:
    1. attaching tracking devices to the packages
    2. request the justice system to up the anti to absolute jail time and monetary payback by those who are caught.
    3. undercover agents – lots of them!
    4. provide porch lock-boxes with security alarms and security cameras at minimum cost
    In the mean time, I encourage everyone to become familiar with the online websites of the US Postal System, UPS and FedEx. Yes you will need to create a password and bother with logging in, but once you are comfortable with doing that, you have so many options to protect your deliveries. You can easily create a ‘Hold’ for delivery on another day, or to another address, or at the post office, UPS or FedEx store. When you order an item online – that sends you tracking info, you can use that notice to redirect the package, when and where is best for you!
    When you send out packages, let the recipient know when to expect their package if they are not online and ask where and when would be best for them. If they are online have their email address handy when you make the label, this will allow them (and you) to track the package delivery!

    1. You took a minor conflict over package theft and you exploded that into physical violence, and for that I applaud you.

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