Two concerned Burien residents had a package stolen from their home on Tuesday afternoon (July 19) at 1:55 p.m. in Burien’s Hurstwood neighborhood, and there may have been at least one or two others that also lost packages, according to the victims. Here’s a video of the male thief suspect caught in the act red-handed, and who is also notable for possibly having problems keeping his pants on: Package theft from JP on Vimeo. PHOTOS: 4-3 1-3 3-2 5-2 6 7 mailthiefcar1 mailthiefcar2 “From our security video information, the theft took place about a hour or so after the package was delivered, suggesting the car was just cruising the neighborhood looking for packages rather than following the delivery truck,” the victim said. “The male thief seemed to make some effort to avoid the cameras by running through the yard hidden much of the way by trees and by keeping the car stopped out of line of view. It appears that there was also a female carrying a striped bag in the car that walked down the street some distance. One of our neighbors indicated that she has footage of the woman going through mailboxes.” The male suspect may be wearing a cap or ponytail (or both). The suspect car is a gray or light blue 2-door coupe with a dark blue stripe on the right side. “I would love for others in the area to see these two people and their car and perhaps help making an identification,” the victim said. “The police kindly came out for this to take a report and I gave them a copy of this footage. The case number is C16036669 if anyone has more info for the police. We would also love to have some car fanciers try to determine the make and model of the vehicle.” If you recognize this thief, please contact the Burien Police Department at (206) 296-3311; the case # is C16036669.]]>

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    1. Imagine his surprise if upon opening the box he found a pair of suspenders.
      Imagine our pleasure had his pants dropped down causing him to stumble off the steps.

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