Members of @BurienRocks are painting 1,000 rocks, which they plan to hide all over Burien for Valentine’s Day.

This is a truly local, grassroots effort from a group of local rock, arts and paint lovers.

“Just a group of rock painters who want to share some love with our neighbors,” Meg Steele told The B-Town Blog. “Last year I painted and hid 100, and this year I wanted to do the same, and got a head start on it in January, and invited the group I am a co-admin of.”

This Saturday, Feb. 13 – pending snow – a few @BurienRocks members will get together at the library and hide some there as well as up and down SW 152nd Street where they will stash their creations in windowsills, flower boxes, etc. Others will hide them wherever they go during the day, to try to reach as many people as possible.

@BurienRocks says this about its members:

“For people interested in participating in Art abandonment in Burien WA. Rock painting is a ‘thing’ right now. How this all works is that you paint a rock, hide it in a well-known location like Parks, Main Streets, local businesses and such. Then when someone finds the rock, several awesome things happen. First thing is that this random person’s day is brightened because they found your free art. The second thing that happens is you have brought our Community a little closer together. The third thing is that after they read your message on the back of the rock asking them to post a picture to our Facebook page you get to connect with that person and see your Art travel around and make other people happy.”

And even if you’re not a member of the group, here’s a tutorial on how to paint rocks:

Find rocks to paint. You can actually buy flat, clean rocks at places like Michael’s, Lowes and Home Depot or go to the beach and get your own. You might need to wash them first.

Paint – I suggest quality paint pens. Posca paint pens seem to be the best and are only sold on the internet from places like Amazon. Sharpie paint pens are also really good. Paint pens come in different tip sizes, extra fine is best for detail while medium can fill in large areas. If you are comfortable with real paint and brushes go for it. But me, I like the paint pens. Regular markers don’t work very well. It has to be paint pens.

Sealant – you do have to seal the rocks if you plan on placing them outside. Otherwise our rainy weather will erode the paint off. I recommend Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X

12 oz. Gloss Clear General Purpose Spray Paint. The first coat has to go on from about 15″ away and super light. If you use to much it will make your paint run and ruin your hard work. After that first light coat dries you can get a little closer and hit it with more spray. 3-4 coats works well. Let dry between. Use outdoors, it stinks.

Extras – a heat-gun works great to dry paint fast so you can put another coat, layer or color on. Or just get it ready to hide faster.

Magnets can make your rocks stick to the fridge.

Hot glue gun to glue on googly eyes or?

Remember to write “Burien Rocks” on the back and ask them to post a pic. That’s how this group will grow.


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