The King County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday (Jan. 4) identified the victim of Tuesday night’s deadly shooting as Manuel A. Ortiz-Ornelas, 18, of Burien.

He died of multiple gunshot wounds.

As we previously reported, Ortiz-Ornelas was shot and killed in the 13700 block of Ambaum Blvd. SW Tuesday night (Jan. 3) around 6 p.m.

When police arrived they found him lying on a walkway with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses told police three men were seen running from the area after the shooting. Three men matching the descriptions were stopped and detained nearby shortly after the shooting.

Detectives released two of those men last night but arrested the third, a 17-year old Burien male, and booked him into the Youth Services Center for Investigation of Murder.

Detectives have not yet released details about a motive for the shooting, but initially said they suspect it was gang related.

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    1. My prayers and sincere condolences to this boy’s family.

      How do we expect young boys and their families to stand up to gangs, if we do not acknowledge that they are the targets of these gangs? The gangs do not care if they or their family are documented. They are terrible to one and all.

      We must find a way to support these boys and their families while they are trying to fend off the cruelty of the gangs. Why not offer some protection/relocation and money to those who are brave enough to name names and get to the key creeps.

      1. Nothing in the news as published says anything about the victim being an innocent bystander or wrong place, wrong time. What it does say is possibly gang related, so who says the victim had not flashed a gang sign or was due retribution for a previous event against his killer. Nobody’s innocent when you run with a gang, street justice spares no one who plays with fire and acts tough.

        1. Whether he was part of a gang or not is not the point. The point is that he was 18 and the gangs put the same kind of pressure on boys and their families that the mafia did in their day. They are ruthless in their undermining of decent people.

          1. Out there…. Exactly!!! Way far out there!!! Mafia!! Watching way to many movies. First off, who your talking about is the Mexican cartel…

          2. Well then, I know who I am talking about. The point is that these gangs are ruthless in the way they put pressure on boys and families to either join or be targets for those who are proving their loyalty to a gang. The targets can also be girl friends of opposition gangs, or their babies as well as other family members. The reference to the mafia was made as an example of when this country had some balls and went after such corruption. The Mexican Cartel is terrible, but they are only one such entity around the world and through out history. We either stand up to them or lose all that is/was decent in our culture.

      2. Sorry to inform you…but…they are the gang!!! Relocate??!!! Who’s going to pay for this?? You! We can relocate “the gang” to your neighborhood. The family doesn’t care, as long as their kid isn’t there causing issues in the house they can care less what the kid does. I’m from the suburbs of Los Angeles, the city I lived in WAS just like Burien (use to be) We moved here to get away from that mess 24 years ago. Little by little I’m seeing the same damn thing I saw there. If something doesn’t get done now… I can only image what Burien will look like in 2 years, maybe less. My heart goes out to this kids mother don’t get me wrong, its sad to bury your child. But, in full circle…it’s still a gang related issue, no one is innocent.

        1. Well then, you are not the only person who has lived a life. Please try re-reading my posts with an open mind. I am making suggestions of how to deal with the issues. If we want to take down the gangs, we need people who will testify against them. (Name Names.) These are the people who I say we could relocate and reward. As I said above, this country was once terribly corrupted by the mafia. That is not just Hollywood made-up stuff, With time and brave people, we put, if not an end to the mafia, at least a damper on that mess. We can do the same thing with the gangs.

          You mention moving here to flee the gangs in California, do you not think it is possible that there are Mexicans who are trying to do the same thing? Especially those families with children? Do you honestly not know any Mexicans that want nothing to do with the gangs? I do. And I hate what I hear being said about them with such vehemence of hatred and ignorance.

          1. Out here.. Let me surprise you with something my grandma is Mexican, came here 75yrs ago LEGALLY, I am also Spanish 11th generation here, Native American, and white. You know that mafia your talking about, well I have family still in, I know! Don’t get the two mixed up. They are not fleeing to get away. They go to where they are going to get a free handout and a driver’s licenses with out any papers. Research where the most Mexicans go to live, places where they don’t need papers. I am not going to be politically correct, I’m not going to sugar coat anything, Have you even been to Los Angeles? I went to visit last year, I told my husband “When the heck did we get to TJ” It’s a awful place now, I don’t find anything anyone is saying racist or offensive, it’s the truth..
            Even the Bible says:

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          2. See, Out There, Well Then has provided all the answers. Nuff Said. And
            I Dunno is on second.
            Where are Abbott and Costello when we need them? Tom

          3. 🙂 What does one say after that analogy of ‘how it is’. I guess I will pass the word on to the people of Russia and North Korea to hang with their government ’cause the bible tells me so’. Meantime I’m knitting my pink pussyhat while sipping my mint tea. A nice change from liberal latte. Care to make a pussyhat? Here’s the link:
   And here’s a link from the Seattle Times about it:
            Happy New Year Tom!


          4. Tom, read the Seattle Times story in the link. It’s all a hoot! As well as a show of force for women’s rights. Check out all of the knit shops across the country where one can pick-up a hand knit pussyhat! And Yes, men can where pussyhats, too! I can see the needles flying as I post this!

          5. Well then, I seem not to be able to communicate with you. Maybe another time would be better to try. I wish you well in the New Year.

  1. And Burien wants to become a sanctuary city??

    The Alturus landlords should be arrested for renting to illegal aliens.

    1. Did I miss something? No where in any of the B-Town articles does it say anything about American Citizen or Undocumented foreigner. We create discrimination for all people with Hispanic last names if we jump to conclusions and publish them online.

  2. Burien had the first murder in King County! These kids no doubt attend a highline public school. Last year HPS won accolades for having the most murderers who attended their schools (current and past)…Seattle Times posted on Sept. 10, 2016: “Six of the 19 homicide charges filed this year in King County have been brought against current or recent Highline students.” .Are we breeding murderers in HPS?

    1. Yes, thanks to ESL classes “and the actions of their illegal parents” Now those students whose parents followed the law are not part of the discussion so you don’t blow your top.

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