by Cass Huff Hey B-Town Readers! So I haven’t been writing very many blogs lately. Sorry about that! Back in December, I auditioned to be in my school’s musical of The Addam’s Family! I was one of two freshman that got a lead role! I got the role of Grandma Addams. One thing that is hard about this role is that I love to sing. But Grandma has to talk in a very ‘nasely’ voice. So it doesn’t make any sense if I talk in a very ‘nasely’ voice but then sing in my normal voice. So I have to sing in a very ‘nasely’ voice too! It’s very fun but it’s very hard. I’m very excited for the show! Anyways, one of my latest projects is to get #GetCassOnEllen trending. I’ve been trying to get on Ellen for about three years. I’ve submitted so many things to her website and nothing has worked so far. She’s made me laugh so many times in the hospital or even when I’m having a bad day. She’s encouraged me to “Just Keep Swimming” so many times. That’s why I want to meet her! So I’m coming to you guys for help. Can you please try to help me get #GetCassOnEllen trending on social media? I also have another hashtag that is #kiCkASSidy so if you could use that one that would be awesome! Another way you can help is by submitting something to Ellen on her website (click here). The link is down below along with both of the hashtags, my Twitter and my Instagram. My hope is that I find a way to meet my role model someday! Thank you guys in advance for helping me! Sorry today’s blog was shorter then usual. If you have an idea on what you want me to write about next or any suggestions or advice from me, please feel free to comment down below. Yes I do read all of the comments! Thanks again! Over and Out! -Cass


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