Christopher Wittman, 24, of Tukwila, was charged Wednesday (Jan. 15) with ‘Vehicular Homicide’ after one of the victims in the Dec. 18 SR-509 collision died last week (read our previous coverage here). Wittman was allegedly impaired by alcohol when he crashed his car through a fence and over an embankment onto SR-509 and collided with the victims’ car. Barbara Eakin, 54, died Jan. 7 from her injuries. Her husband was injured in the collision. An additional charge of vehicular assault was filed also for injuries sustained by the driver of a vehicle that collided with the defendant’s disabled car. Wittman was arraigned on the amended information and entered a not guilty plea. He is currently charged with Vehicular Homicide, two counts of Vehicular Assault and one count of Felony Hit and Run. Wittman remains in jail on $200,000 bail pending a case setting hearing on Febr. 5 at the Maleng Regional Justice Center.]]>

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2 replies on “Charge increased to 'Vehicular Homicide' in Dec. 18 SR-509 collision”

  1. Assuming he was drunk as seems certain, he should be man enough to plead guilty, accept his punishment and at least save this poor family from reliving this horror at trial!

    1. I agree 100%! He should plead guilty and let all those injured and the family of the person who passed start to move forward with their lives. Having personal knowledge of this guy, I know that his parents feel that he is being “railroaded” and that he was just with the wrong person at the wrong time; while it may be true he was with the wrong person the defendant is 24 years old and was brought up to know right from wrong; he and he Aldine made the choice to drink and drive (no car insurance as well) so I see no need in blaming anyone else. This is something that the defendant as well as his family has to live with and he should just “Man Up”, accept his punishment and let everyone heal and his parents need to quit making excuses for their sons actions.

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