A “Transportation Benefit District” (TBD) is being proposed by the City of Burien, which will be holding a public meeting on Monday, July 20th at 7pm on the first floor of Burien City Hall.

Cityfolk are proposing that the new TBD focuses on funding transportation improvements within the city, like new sidewalks and bike paths. If approved, it would authorize an independent city-wide taxing area to pay for certain sidewalk and road improvements.

According to the city’s website:

What does a Transportation Benefit District do?
According to the Burien Community Survey conducted in 2008, the majority of respondents felt there is a need for more sidewalks and bike paths in their neighborhood.

As of last year, the State of Washington allows cities to designate a Transportation Benefit District (or “TBD”) to fund transportation improvements within a city.

In 2004 the City of Burien adopted a Burien Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Plan. This plan was a result of a community planning process that included input and ideas from over 400 participants. Over twenty high-priority pedestrian and bicycle facility projects were identified. Several of those projects have already been completed, however, funding to do more is lacking.

With many pulls on the city budget and future funding uncertain, the City of Burien is placing a “Transportation Benefit District” measure on the general election ballot this November that would fund two high-priority projects from the Burien Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Plan. The City Council selected these two projects in order to serve areas of the city that have not benefited from recent improvement projects.  The funding would be generated through a $25 annual vehicle license fee that would be in effect for two years.



8th Avenue South (S. 128th Street to S. 136th Street)

  • Construct a minimum 8-foot wide multi-purpose facility* on one side of 8th Avenue South
  • Provides safer connection to Cedarhurst Elementary School
  • Connects to east-west facility on South 136th Street
  • Connect with future facilities for the Northeast Redevelopment Area.

*Multi-purpose facility: A concrete paved path intended for use by cyclists as well as pedestrians.

136th_3.jpgSW and S. 136th Street (from Ambaum Boulevard to 1st Ave South and 1st Ave South to Des Moines Memorial Drive)

  • Bicycle lane on both sides
  • Repair inadequate and non-ADA portions of existing sidewalk
  • Connects major community facilities, including Seahurst Park, Chelsea Park, North SeaTac Park, Senior Center facility and soccer field
  • Connects with existing facility on 4th Avenue SW
  • Connects east through SeaTac to Green River Trail and light rail station
  • Connects east to North SeaTac Park Community Center, Central Washington University Branch Campus, and Tukwila schools.
  • Connects to planned facilities on 8th Avenue South and Des Moines Memorial Drive South

How will the City keep the community up to date on progress?
By law, Transportation Benefit Districts are required to provide annual reports to the community. These annual reports would show:

  • Project status
  • Expenditures and revenues
  • Construction schedules

If a TBD is in place, the City must also hold a public hearing to resolve any transportation cost issues, in the event costs exceed the original project estimate by more than 20 percent.

So…what do YOU think of the idea of a TBD? Please Comment or Vote below in our poll:

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9 replies on “City Of Burien Proposing Transportation Benefit District; Public Meeting Is Mon., July 20th”

  1. Why is the city proposing to tax vehicles to pay for non vehicle related projects? Tax bicycles for bike lanes!

  2. Karl:

    Bicycles are already taxed!

    This is a tired argument that makes no logical sense.

    The majority of bicyclists own cars; they are just choosing not to use them on a daily basis.

    1. Brooke:

      I’m confused. I own two bikes, and have not paid tax on them.

      I own three vehicles, and pay a yearly tax and a gasoline tax.

      Please help…

      1. Karl:


        Bicyclists, not bicycles. Bicycles should not be taxed.

        Sorry for the confusion.

        But now you’ve confused me; you want your bicycle taxed?!

    2. As a cyclist I spend money every year on cars… Blinking lights and reflective clothing so cars don’t hit me are not free.

  3. Does anyone know if the City of Burien applied for Federal stimulus funds for these contstruction projects? In not, I wonder why not. Or is this a case of the City Council thinking it was just easier to raise the residents’ taxes to get the money to fund these projects? I’ll be a “no” vote on this because now is simply not the time to raise residents’ taxes. Too many people are stuggling in the current economy. This can wait until better economic times as none of these things are critical to fix right now.

  4. Sorry I can’t get pumped up over this one – I am still trying to find out when my street is getting sidewalks and sewer – not bike lanes

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