Bothered by Airport Noise?

Wonder just how loud airport noise is in your neighborhood and/or other areas around Sea-Tac Airport?

Want to support efforts to monitor airport noise levels and obtain independent measurements?

For the past several months, the Regional Commission on Airport Affairs (RCAA, has been monitoring and recording noise in the areas adjacent to Sea-Tac Airport. This data, gathered independently of the Port of Seattle’s noise monitoring, may be useful to citizens concerned about airport noise levels, particularly noise increases resulting from the third runway.

On Friday July 17th, RCAA will be holding a community meeting; here are the details:

WHAT: RCAA Community Meeting on Sea-Tac Airport Noise

WHEN: Friday, July 17th, from 7pm to 9pm (drop by at any time, presentation will be at 7:30)

WHERE: North SEA-TAC Park Picnic Shelter, located at 129th and Des Moines Memorial Drive

INFO: Light dessert and beverages will be served.


  • See the noise meter in action
  • Learn about noise readings taken in your area in the winter (all three runways in use) and summer (two runways)
  • Discuss Port of Seattle noise complaint line caller locations (obtained via Freedom of Information Act)


  • Stuart Jenner
  • Mike Jacob
  • Chas Talbot

RCAA is partly funded by local cities. Donations of $5 – $10 per person would be greatly appreciated to help support specific costs of the noise monitoring, including calibration.

According to the RCAA website:

We pledge our best efforts to compel the Airport to obey the environmental rules that are supposed to govern the operation of SeaTac Airport including the new third-runway. Ordinary operations at the Airport continue to contaminate the streams that flow from its campus through neighboring communities & into Puget Sound, in violation of the permits that supposedly protect us. Safe, clean water is a vital concern to the communities near the Airport.

For more information about the noise monitoring email [email protected] or call 206-241-0101 (9am to 9pm), or visit their website at

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4 replies on “Regional Commission On Airport Affairs Noise Meeting Is 7/17”

  1. When will you people ever get your heads around this? THE AIRPORT WAS THERE FIRST!!! Why would you waste your time and the city’s money on such activities???

    1. you know what, the port lied, ok. get off your high horse and stop telling people how to conduct their lives. if you don’t care about the issue keep your uneducated opionion to yourself. you must work for the port.

  2. Talking about the Airport.
    This is a bussiness in progress and it is expanding and they know they are afecting more of an extensive area, this is the reazon why they are aquiering more land ” to expand their bussiness” If this is going to affect me; If I say nothing it is my foul and the Airport will be ok but if I or We. let them know our situation they will find a solution.
    I like seing the planes going by at a distance not above my head and afects me”
    So Mr. Jacobs wath bussiness is it of yours? Oh yes I pay taxes too.

  3. to Mike Jacobs and others of the same mind, the airport was not there before all of us came to our homes. Some of us, sad to say, actually predate it. And it would really set better if the Port of Seattle would stop feeding everyone a line of bull in order to get what it wants. Example. I was told during the early phases of third runway meetings that it would not be necessary to expand the noise mitigation area to the west (I am about 200 feet outside it) because “planes are quieter now” That is their reasoning, despite the fact the airport and runway are much closer than 200 feet from where they were before construction. Just one little example.

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