The City of Burien is seeking individuals or organizations to provide input for a comprehensive and equitable strategy for engaging Burien residents in city planning projects over the next two years.

“The City values community participation in the civic process and wants to ensure that future decisions are representative of our residents’ values and needs,” the city said.

The city said that the first project the consultant will work on is the revision of the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan. However, there are options to expand the scope of work to include outreach for upcoming updates to the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan as well.

“The City of Burien acknowledges that many of our residents have barriers to participating in public processes and we want to ensure voices from all of our residents are heard, including those of historically underrepresented populations,” said Carolyn Hope, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director.

The City is striving to develop long-lasting connections with community members and leaders. The strategies used should result in community members feeling more connected to and trusting of their city government and empowered to make recommendations for their neighborhoods and the city.

Applicants will ideally have connections with community leaders in Burien and/or South King County. They also should have experience working with communities furthest from justice and engaging them to build community knowledge of the civic process and influence public policy at the local level. Applicants may be individuals, companies, or nonprofit organizations.

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