Burien City Manager Brian Wilson – working with the Burien Police Department – announced on Thursday, April 19 that he has initiated a directed patrol emphasis. This effort will begin Thursday afternoon, the City said. “This plan increases police staffing levels with the goal of enhancing community safety and address resident and business concerns regarding community safety,” the City added. This includes:

  • Enhanced patrol staffing levels on all shifts.
  • Directed patrol initiatives during patrol and overlap shifts.
  • Enhanced police presence in our downtown area, school transition periods including Sylvester Middle School and Highline High School, neighborhoods and our multi-family housing complexes, and our business community.
  • Emphasis on the enforcement of criminal and criminal traffic violations.
  • Enhanced visible police presence within the City of Burien.
  • Social contacts, intelligence gathering, and relationship building in the community.
This emphasis will be reviewed on a weekly basis with adjustments made given identified needs of residents and businesses as well as the Burien Police Department and the City of Burien. This decision is clearly in response to a recent increase in crime, including these incidents: ]]>

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