This week, local business nonprofit Discover Burien announced that they been awarded a financial grant from the Washington State Microenterprise Association to fund a training and technical support program for small business advancement.

The BOOST (Business Optimization and Operations Support Training) program will provide training focused on building the capacity for small businesses to grow and succeed.

Funding was provided by the Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA) thanks to a grant by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

Discover Burien has been dedicated to the building and support of small businesses for over 20 years.

“Being a resource for small business is a core service that ensures growth and prosperity across our community and beyond,” officials said.

This grant will allow the organization to provide training, support and resources to small local businesses that are looking for a “BOOST.”

“Whether a new or existing business, we know that there is much to gain from continued education, sharing knowledge and getting support while building and growing your business.”

Eligible businesses

Participation in the BOOST program is available to microenterprise businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Less than 5 employees.
  • Qualify As: Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), Women-Owned, Veterans, People with Disabilities, Returning Citizens, LGBTQ+, and other historically marginalized microbusinesses in Washington State.
  • Industry Sectors: Agriculture/Food, Childcare, Clean Materials/Clean Tech/Circular Economy, Arts/Creative Economy, Energy, Home Building/Construction, Life Sciences, Maritime Trades, Small Scale Manufacturing, and Tourism.

For more information, please click below to visit Discover Burien’s BOOST web page and to sign-up for updates if you’re interested in participating:

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