Discover Burien this week announced that it has received a grant from the Washington State Microenterprise Association that will help BOOST local small businesses by providing training, support and resources.

“As part of our Business Optimization and Operations Support Training (BOOST), we will be offering a Business Education Series comprised of four essential topics to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to build and grow a business,” organizers said.

Discover Burien is inviting small business owners with five or less employees and from historically marginalized communities to participate in this new, tailored education series.

This program will be hosted from April 11 – May 14, 2024, and they will be offering each of the four sessions in both English and Spanish.

Each session will be held in the evenings and Discover Burien will provide dinner to participants.

Program Details:

  • The Business Education Series is comprised of four essential topics to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary for success
  • Each topic will be offered in English and Spanish and we strongly encourage business owners to attend all four sessions
  • All sessions will be hosted in the evenings (5:30 – 8 p.m.) and we will provide dinner to all attendees
  • Business Owners must meet one or more of the Program Qualifications below
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to setup one-on-one follow-up sessions with topic experts to get additional support and technical assistance
  • Space is limited and Registration is required

Program Qualifications:

  • Small Business with less than 5 employees and;
  • Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), Woman Owned, LGBTQ+ Owned, Veteran Owned, People with Disabilities, Returning Citizens, and other historically marginalized microbusinesses in Washington State, or;
  • Included sectors: Agriculture/Food, Childcare, Clean Materials/Clean Tech/Circular Economy, Arts/Creative Economy, Energy, Home Building/Construction, Life Sciences, Maritime Trades, Small Scale Manufacturing, and Tourism

Course Descriptions:

Navigating Your Cash Flow:

  • A practical course designed to empower individuals and small business owners with the essential skills to manage their finances effectively. In this course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of cash flow management, learning how to maximize cash in and cash out, and understanding how to make cash work for you!

Marketing in a Digital World:

  • A dynamic course designed to equip individuals and professionals with the latest strategies and tools for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Participants will delve into the core principles of digital marketing, including branding, customer engagement, social media marketing, and analytics.

Power of Capital:

  • An enlightening course designed to demystify the realm of capital and empower individuals with the knowledge to harness its potential effectively. Through this course, participants will explore the diverse forms of capital, recognizing when your business needs to borrow, and how to prepare your application.

Windows of Opportunity:

  • An insightful course crafted to guide individuals through recognizing and seizing advantageous opportunities through government (local, state, federal) contracts, acquiring desired certifications, and how to fulfill the necessary requirements to become an authorized vendor. This course equips you with the mindset and skills to recognize and leverage windows of opportunity effectively in an ever-changing landscape.

Please click the link below to get more information and register:

Info & Registration

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