image1-2 UPDATE July 29: We have just learned why there was a large fire/emergency response Thursday night at Burien’s Dragon Pearl Restaurant – officials say that the huge amount of smoke seen coming from the downstairs area was due to ‘burnouts’ being performed by a motorcycle club. A motorcycle club apparently uses that area as a meeting place, and it appears the smoke was caused by their activities. According to Wikipedia, a ‘burnout’ (also known as a peel out or power brake) is “the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary and spinning its wheels, causing the tires to heat up and smoke due to friction.” “After confirming there was no fire we left the police to deal with the incident,” Fire Chief Mike Marrs told The B-Town Blog. Thanks for all the tips (especially to Julie for the pic above!).


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  1. Wonder what the Emergency response actually costs with fuel and time on those big trucks. I know just an aid truck can be a grand easy..

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