Hot Dogging 2015: Seattle Sluggers vs Tacoma Tide, June 20, 2015 The Seattle South King Sluggers, a project of the South King Council of the Blind (SKB), is the first blind baseball team in the Seattle/South King area, and they’ll be playing a fundraiser game to benefit Guide Dog users on Saturday, June 20. ‘Beep Baseball’ is played on a smaller field and the rules are altered to give blind players an opportunity to hit the ball. The ball emits a beeping tone which blind batters focus on, and the bases emit another tone giving runners audio cues to locate the correct base. “This is a fabulous opportunity for blind and sighted folks to mix, mingle, and play baseball. I am so proud that SKB took this on as a project,” said Gaylen Floy, SKB President. “I believe with all my heart in blind people and their capabilities. Wherever I’ve lived, we’ve had a beep baseball team; after living in Burien for only a year, I knew the Seattle area should be no exception. It gives me tremendous joy to hear and feel the successes of my blind brothers and sisters as they gain more confidence in themselves through playing beep baseball,” said Kevin Daniel, SKB Treasurer and founder of Seattle South King Sluggers.Print “When the Sluggers offered to hold a fundraiser for Guide Dog Users of Washington State, I knew it was a perfect match! Guide dogs, will be hot dogging and enjoying baseball! My hope is that the public will come, watch a great game between two blind teams, enjoy some snacks, and learn a little about guide dogs while they’re at it,” said Sheri Richardson, President, Guide Dog Users of Washington State. All funds raised through the sale of food items will assist GDUWS in its programs and services to guide dog handlers in Washington State. Here are some videos that show how the game is played: [youtube][/youtube] More information on the Seattle South King Sluggers is available at South King Council of the Blind is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization which meets on the second Saturday of each month in Burien, whose mission is to help blind or visually impaired people in South King County connect with services they may need; more information is at Guide Dog Users of Washington State is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the rights of guide dog teams in the state; more information is available at Find out more specifics regarding the rules for Beep Baseball at]]>

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  1. What a terrific little video to tell what the games are like! I look forward to attending a game!

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