Just about eight months ago – back on April 12, 2016 – we posted this missing dog story:

Our dog Mocha went missing on Sunday 4/10/16 on 19th Ave in Burien:
We havent seen her since and are really worried. She’s a sweet small brown fluffy dog with a white spot on her chest. She is micro-chipped and will come for Mocha or Treat. Please help us bring our baby home.
Well, after nearly eight months, cute little “Mocha” has finally been reunited with her family! “We finally found Mocha!” owner Kasey Gage told The B-Town Blog this week. “A family just turned her into a humane society and we picked her up today! It’s been over 8 months since she first disappeared but we finally got our baby back!” Congrats to Mocha and family – and we’re certain there will be many more smiles and gratitude around their home this holiday season…]]>

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  1. So happy for you and Mocha! Might I suggest that you put a tag with your phone number on Mocha’s collar. The holidays have surely come early at your house. Thanks for sharing this happy ending.

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