SgtWingWoo2016 Sgt. Wing Woo – who served as Mayor of Burien from 2002-2003 – was involved in a tragic accident this week while vacationing with his family in Maui. Reports are that Woo and his 14-year old son were bodysurfing when he was hit by a large wave. He apparently hit his head on the ocean floor, sustaining life-threatening injuries. Woo was knocked unconscious before being found by his son moments later – lifeless and unresponsive. When pulled from the water by his son, lifesaving efforts began immediately. Woo had no pulse and had, for all intents and purposes, drowned. He went into full cardiac arrest during CPR, but after several attempts they were able to get a pulse. He was transported to Maui Memorial in a coma. Woo had ingested a considerable amount of sand and seawater, which quickly became the emergent threat to his life. Due to his extremely unstable condition, doctors were not able to perform additional necessary testing until three days after the initial accident. Woo remained in a coma until Monday, June 27. When he was considered stable enough to breathe on his own for the duration of the 45+ minute MRI, tests were done. The MRI showed brain activity and good heart condition. However, it also showed considerable swelling on his spine. At this time, Sgt. Woo has limited mobility below the neck. The full prognosis regarding his movement is unclear at this time. Woo is a Mount Rainier High School graduate, former Burien City Councilmember from 2000-2001, and also served as Mayor from 2002-2003. He also served in the Burien Police Department. Woo influenced many young people to stay off drugs and got involved with the council after concerns about fiscal responsibility, as well as enhancing and adding more parks in Burien. After moving from Burien, Woo continued to volunteer his time with the Highline Relay for Life event for the past four years. Currently he serves as a police officer in Shoreline. His family is devastated by this accident and are working with the Police Guild to have him airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to see a specialist within the next 24 hours. To help cover the airlift charges, an account has been set up in his name at Heritage Bank. The cost is $50,000 to airlift him, and organizers are trying to help defer some of the costs. We have vetted an online GoFundMe page, which you can donate directly to here:


You can also help Sgt. Wing Woo and his family and make a donation by cash or check (checks made payable to Catherine Marino FBO: Sergeant Wing Woo) at any Heritage Bank branch Attn: Sergeant Wing Woo Account or mail them to:
Heritage Bank Attn: Sergeant Wing Woo Account 20333 Ballinger Way NE Shoreline, WA 98155
The nearest Heritage Bank is located at 415 W James Street in Kent (253-813-8500). Donations can also be dropped off at the Discover Burien office, located at 427 SW 152nd Street; phone: 206-433-2882. “Thank you for your generous support for one of Burien’s dedicated citizens!” ]]>

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10 replies on “Former Burien Mayor turned police officer seriously injured in accident; fundraiser started”

  1. Wing Is a great guy with a great sense of humor. Often when we were out doing city business former students he presented the DARE program to would greet him with great affection. He had a great impact on the whole community as well. His wife, Jackie, is such a supportive person. This is a tragedy and I certainly wish them well. I hope you will join me in donating quickly so that he can come home and get the care he needs here in the Seattle area.
    Rose Clark

  2. Prayers go out to Wing and his family. A long time friend of the North Highline Fire Department and the Unicorporated Area Council. Praying or his recovery.

  3. Officer Wing Woo sponsored the Dare program and had the end wall of the old Highline Swim Pool on 154th painted to support this program. He lived just around the corner from me and when I was younger I was driving up to take a swim and of course who pulled me over for speeding but the “Super Nice” officer Wing Woo. He was so understanding and I complimented him on sponsoring the Dare program and doing so much for our great community and on top of it all he only gave me a warning to slow down !! My thoughts and prayers are with all of your family !! I wish you well !! Margaret

  4. As long time Burien business owners, we worked with Officer Woo when he was with the bicycle unit in Burien. He would come to the bike shop and we got to know him quite well. He is a fine man, he was a great Mayor and we sincerely send he and his family prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Please keep us posted about his recovery and needs.

  5. I’ve known Wing since we were in high school. Our community lost a real asset when he transferred to Shoreline. I am so proud of Tony, at 14 having the composure to rescue his Dad and begin CPR. Says everything there is to say about Wing that he was able to raise such a kid. Praying for WIng and his family.

  6. Officer Wing came to a incident at my home 2yrs ago as far as I’m concerned he went above and beyond his call of duty ! He was 110% the nicest officer ! He looked at the other party and told the guy he was in the wrong and took me to the side and was so so kind I can’t Thank him enough !
    I will say I have a lot of faith , I broke my neck C-2 fracture 2mm from my spine , after 8 weeks they tested my nerve system and today I’m walking ! I know Wing will pull through he has so much to see and enjoy ! Please everyone send your Prayers daily !!

  7. A bunch of New Yorkers sending prayers for you too………
    .Sending love and support to you and Jackie and the kids too.

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