A fundraiser for area resident Timmy Brodigan – who was critically injured in the deadly Dec. 18 Amtrak train derailment – was held at the Tin Room Bar & Theater on Wednesday night, Jan. 3. All proceeds from dinners sold, along with sales of Dan the Sausageman products, a silent auction and donations helped raise over $11,000! The restaurant was so packed that there was a line outside the door. “The Tin Room would like to thank all of the guests that helped raise over $11,000 by dining, drinking, donating and purchasing silent auction items for Timmy Brodigan,” Manager Kelley Guerrero told The B-Town Blog. “And checks and cash donations are still coming in!” As we previously reported, Timmy, 16, has local roots, having graduated from St. Francis of Assisi in 2016. To help, you can drop by the Tin Room and donate checks/cash (make checks made payable to ‘Mike Brodigan’), or visit https://www.gofundme.com/help-timmy-after-train-crash Here’s a video on the fundraiser courtesy Q13 Fox: Here’s an update on Timmy posted by his sister last week:

Timmy has been moved to Childrens Hospital as of last week. This is a good move for him and his recovery. They do believe that Timmy has an intestinal infection called C-Diff. This unfortunately will limit his visitors due to how contagious it is. Yesterday Timmy had the breathing tube removed from his mouth (AMEN!!!!) and he also received a tracheotomy (this is temporary and is still helping him breath). This made him extremely happy as he can now lick his lips and try to communicate a bit better with family – although he is still unable to talk (due to the tracheotomy) he is making great progress now that the tube is not down his throat! On Wednesday night towards the end of our prayer vigil we held, we got word that Timmy moved a toe (PRAISE GOD!!). These small miracles are truly incredible. Although he still does not have feeling yet in his legs or left arm we are still counting our blessings and we believe that God will continue to work miracles in his body. Last but not least Timmy’s lungs are starting to heal! He was able to be off of the ventilator for 2 hours today and he handled it quite well. This is a huge answer to prayer and we are so thankful that we have all of you to count on for your love, support and prayers. Thank you to EVERYONE for every thought, prayer and love you are sending Timmy’s way. Our family can feel the love and we are eternally grateful. Please continue to pray for him, he is not out of the woods yet, but we recognize and thank God for every small miracle in Timmy’s recovery.

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