Timmy Brodigan, 16, graduated from Burien’s St. Francis of Assisi School in 2016, yet now he’s in the fight of his young life. Sadly, Timmy was on board Amtrak train #501 on Monday when it derailed near I-5 near Dupont, killing three. Timmy was one of dozens who were injured, and he’s in critical condition. Here’s more info from his sister Kali Akana:

He was on his way to visit family in Oregon when he boarded the Amtrak train on Monday morning (Dec. 18, 2017). He was rushed by Medivac to Mary Bridge Hospital, and immediately underwent multiple surgeries. His injuries were a compressed spinal cord at C5 vertebra as well as some brain bleeding and head laceration. He has a long road ahead and anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Family will need to be off of work to help care for him on his road to recovery. Please share and continue to pray for my brother.
Timmy is a well-liked teen who could really use everyone’s thoughts, prayers and more. “He is in critical condition and struggling for his life,” his Mom, Robyn Yankee-Brodigan told The B-Town Blog. “He is in God’s hands…the power of prayers….asking for prayers. He will need much rehabilitation in the future. Very thankful for all the many friends in Burien who have sent us comforting messages and all the many prayers. Just asking for prayer at this serious time.” A Gofundme page has been created, and his family is seeking $50,000 to help pay medical expenses; you can donate online here:


Here’s more info from Kali:
To those of you that don’t know Timmy, he is a wonderful kid who is a friend, brother, and son to his family and community. He is incredibly active, constantly playing sports, meeting up with friends and attending random events all over town. Since he could walk, he has been this way. It was not uncommon to find little Timmy in his diaper walking the neighborhood first thing in the morning to ask after playdates. He is a star athlete in any sport he loves. Coaches know him for his talent and uniqueness. Most baseball players are attuned to using one bat, almost superstitiously. That was beneath Timmy; he would grab whatever bat was most conveniently available to the plate. The outcome was always the same, he would knock the cover off the ball. Same as the baseball bat, Timmy is not one to be stopped by obstacles; he adjusts and thrives. Timmy is the most tireless person any of us know, and this damage will affect him. This is a very emotional time for him and his family and the town as a whole. But Timmy is strong and stubborn! He and his family will fight through this! Until they do, we can offer our help by supporting them every step of the way. Help is a diverse term here, even just thinking about him is an act that touches his parents and him. We are asking for your thoughts, prayers, and/or donations in their time of need. Timmy’s recovery length is unknown at the moment and will take him from school; his parents will need to support him fully during that time. Our assistance can provide them with a sense of stability through that all. Help spread the word!

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