On the agenda for Monday night’s regular Burien City Council meeting: proclamations, grant funding updates, budget, tree memorial program and tree regulations, DESC, councilmember salaries and more.

The virtual/online meeting is set to begin at 7 p.m., and can be viewed on Comcast TV channel 21, online here, or via Zoom here.

Download the full agenda/packet here (PDF file).


a)  Americans with Disabilities Month Proclamation 7 (Councilmember Kevin Schilling)

b)  Proclamation to Recognize Deputy Mayor Krystal Marx 9 (Councilmember Cydney Moore)

c)  Proclamation to Recognize Councilmember Pedro Olguin 11 (Councilmember Jimmy Matta)

d)  Proclamation to Recognize Councilmember Nancy Tosta 13 (Councilmember Kevin Schilling)


a) Grant Funding Update (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)

    • South 136th Street Sidewalk, 1st Ave South to Des Moines Memorial Drive
    • Buren Community Center HVAC (Pending County Council Approval)


a) Adoption of Ordinance No. 787, 2021-2022 Mid-Biennium Budget & Approval of 2022 Financial Policies (Eric Christensen, Finance Director)

b) City Manager to Approve Kinect@Burien Apprenticeship Donation Recipient (Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager)

c) Review of Revised Tree Memorial Program (Carolyn Hope, PaRCS Director)

d) Approval of Resolution No. 473, Clarifying Conditions of Approval for the DESC Housing Demonstration Project (Susan McLain, Community Development Director)

e) Introduction to Ordinance No. 780, Zoning Code Amendments Regarding Tree Regulations (Nicole Gaudette, Senior Long-Range Planner, Susan McLain, Community Development Director)

f) Introduction to Resolution No. 472, Fee-In-Lieu of Tree Replacement (Nicole Gaudette, Senior Long-Range Planner)

g) Introduction to Ordinance No. 775, City Council Salary Increase (Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney)

h) Introduction to Ordinance No. 776, Creating the Burien Independent Salary Commission (Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney)

i) City Council Planning Calendar (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)


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