On Friday morning, June 18, 2021, the Highline Bears summer collegiate baseball team announced – with a deep growl – that their beloved mascot Buntly the Bear will be retiring after seven years with the club.

“Last month Buntly the Bear and his representatives notified us that he was considering retirement from being a baseball mascot,” said General Manager Justin Moser. “After quite a few long talks with him it was clear that he was ready to move on. We asked him if we could wait a few weeks before announcing.”

In a letter from Buntly, the mascot said that he’s looking forward to traveling and seeing other parts of the country but that the Pacific Northwest will always be his home:

“The White Center and West Seattle community welcomed me with open arms, we celebrated, partied and had some great times on and off the baseball field. I will never forget all the memories and friends I have made here, they’re priceless to me.”

When asked what the Highline Bears will do in 2022 for a mascot, Moser said:

“Since Buntly came to us in May we’ve been brainstorming some ideas and will announce something soon. Buntly will always be part of the history of our team and he will never be forgotten. We’re hoping he comes back and visits frequently. The Highline Bears just won’t be the same without Buntly, but we have some exciting new ideas for the community.”

This year the Highline Bears won’t have fans in the stands due to the COVID restrictions that have been in place. Unfortunately, even when the state opens on July 1, 2021, the Bears won’t have the staffing, or normal operations in place to be able to open this summer. Currently, the Bears are fielding a team that mostly plays on the road to give an opportunity for the college players from around the country to compete this summer.

“We’re already planning for 2022 and it’s going to be worth the wait. Coming to one of our games will be unlike any experience you’ve had at a baseball game!” Moser added.

For more information on the Highline Bears visit www.HighlineBears.com.

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