Today – Feb. 28, 2023 – the City of Burien celebrates its 30th anniversary of incorporation.

The city officially became a city on Feb. 28, 1993, and is celebrating by partnering with local community organizations to incorporate its 30th anniversary theme into community events, on social media, and in special publications throughout the year.

The traditional gift for 30th anniversaries is a pearl, which form when an irritant becomes trapped in the shell of a mollusk (like an oyster or new city). As part of its defense mechanism, the animal (or city) senses the intrusion and coats it with layers of aragonite and conchiolin as protection. Then for some reason, these coated irritants become precious jewelry.

Opportunities to celebrate

On Feb. 6, 2023, the Burien City Council issued a proclamation celebrating Burien’s 30th anniversary:

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Here’s more from the city:

Burien Magazine Spring Issue Celebrates #Burien30 (late April) 

  • Watch your mailboxes in late April for a special issue of Burien Magazine celebrating our 30th anniversary. More content will be published online.

Burien Economic Development celebrates #Burien30 businesses (all year)

  • Our economic development team will celebrating businesses that have been in Burien for at least 30 years. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Highline Heritage Museum exhibit on Burien’s history (dates to be announced)

We will add community events and opportunities to celebrate to this page throughout the year. Questions? Please email

How to celebrate

All are invited to celebrate alongside the City by incorporating the 30th anniversary theme into their own events and programs.

Learn more about Burien’s history:

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