IMG_3296 IMG_3290 Story & Photos by Sterling Paris South King Media Intern Today I went a little bit out of my comfort zone, traveling to Boulevard Park Place Active Retirement Living, located at 2805 S. 125th Street. Getting there was very easy. When I arrived I met with Vickie, the lady who contacted us and two women, Nancy and Karen, who were part of the Beekeepers Club. That’s right – bees are buzzing at Boulevard Park Place Active Retirement Living! Nancy and Karen walked me down to the hives. There were four of them – three imported from Oregon and the other from Ballard. They started about three months ago. So they haven’t tasted their honey yet, but they’ll be harvested at the end of the year from at least two of the hives. The hives consist of three boxes stacked on top of each other, and each box will produce 70 pounds of honey. Thats a lot of honey! Each hive has its own queen, and soon they will need to get more hives before the bees overpopulate their boxes. The Beekeepers Club plans to make a sister garden with corn, squash, broccoli, green beans, potatoes and much more! It’s undecided but the produce is most likely going to local food banks. All and all this is a really cool – and buzzworthy thing – that can definitely bee-nefit the community! If you’d like to see the bees yourself, contact the good folks at Boulevard Park Place Active Retirement Living (just bee sure to tell ’em Sterling sent ya!):

2805 South 125th Street Burien, WA. 98168 Phone: 206-243-0300 Email: Web:
Until next time, (and thank you so much for reading) – Sterling Paris
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  1. This is a great activity for Boulevard Park Retirement Home residents. Backyard beekeeping is essential to the preservation of our hard-working, friendly pollinators. Many people of the ‘Greatest Generation’ remember keeping bees, and it is exciting to see the next generation of ageing ‘baby boomers’ take such a fervent interest in beekeeping.

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