Story & Photos by Sterling Paris
Intern, Big Picture High School
Walking along SW 152nd Street on Thursday (Feb. 26), I noticed a sign that read:

“Closing soon, open to the public…”

…in front of a restaurant – CC’s Lounge.
I’m not sure how long they have been open, but everything must be gone by Sunday, so you have two days left people!
Walking inside you can find an assortment of chairs, pots and pans, plates, everything:
So hopefully you can stop by before Sunday:

CC’s Lounge
635 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166

Until next time…
– Sterling

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8 replies on “INTERN'S VIEW: CC's Lounge closing, selling off everything inside”

  1. Saw that coming years ago. So many mistakes made by CC. When you have no idea what you’re doing, don’t hire a manager that knows nothing about the business, just because he is your friend. And then give him the best table in your whole restaurant! Don’t hire a cook who clearly has drug problems and is disgusting, and let the chef ,that also happens to cook for the Seahawks, go.
    and don’t let all your good waitresses go, to keep slow learning and moving waitresses. Jacque also tried to tell you a million times but you wouldn’t listen to him. RIP to him. Everyone left for their own reasons that all had to do with the poor management and horrible business decisions. CC’s lack of experience in the industry and ignorance to listen to people who went to school for restaurant management is why she can’t sell and why she can’t make money. Playing favorites really worked out for you.
    We tried to help you CC. You dug your own grave. Bow out gracefully.

    1. Wow Becca, feel better about yourself? Are you a disgruntled employee or what? CC is a nice woman who tried really hard, lot’s of businesses fail in Burien. As a former business owner myself, I can tell you it’s not easy. You’re a real peach for kicking her when she’s down. Karma to you.

    2. Becca,
      All I know about the situation is what is printed above but based on that info it kinda looks like “bow out gracefully” is something you’d rather preach than practice.

  2. I understand my comment was a bit harsh. But I’m smiling because CC is going to be better. She needed out of that place. Everyone can defend her but everyone threw a fit if she had to raise prices. You have no clue.
    Congrats to CC on closing this chapter & moving on and up.

    1. A bit harsh? It would be interesting to what you think would qualify as harsh?
      You blasted nearly everyone involved, made some pretty harsh accusations, stabbed several in the back and then smile because “CC is going to be better” after what you just said?
      I do not know you and for that I count myself very fortunate. Remember ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’?

  3. I found CC’s a great place for entertainment bingo and food! I quickly found the place to be a comfortable and fun place to be and very SORRY to see it end!! Hopefully nobody mistakes me for you with similar names as you are Not very NICE.

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