JohnnyRestaurantLogo by “Johnny Restaurant” In case you have not noticed, there is a new place to eat in Burien called Snack Gyro, a little hole-in-the-wall place across the street from Black Zia Cantina at 15217 6th Ave SW. The owner-chef is from Morocco. His name is Mohamed. He is well-known to Seattle restaurant owners. The “Snack Gyro” name is bland but we had to try it out. The first thing I ordered was the Lamb-beef gyro – it was so good that for three days in a row we had to return and place the same order. The tea and coffee is an experience in itself. You are in Morocco when you eat there. The place is just a tiny place but when you sit down to eat you see people coming in that are experiencing the same thing Shelli and I did – once you go there you have to go back because it is so good. It is a great place to meet new people. We enjoy sitting down and talking with Mohamed while he cooks our food. He shares good stories about his homeland in Morocco. snakegyroA FUNNY SIGN STORY When he first opened he hired a sign designer to make his menu which arrived with a massive typo on it – instead of reading “Snack Gyro” it read “Snake Gyro” and it is so funny because no one would ever make gyros using snake meat. The new sign and menu hangs on the wall with the correct spelling but he keeps the old sign lying around because it is just a funny story. I took a picture of the typo error sign because I am sure he will take it away some day and the story will be history. The name “Snack Gyro” does not seem like a super great name to draw people to his restaurant and I have to admit the name is a bit miss-leading. I promise you this- the food is beyond measure. Snack-Gyro Shelli and I noticed that out in front of his restaurant is an area to plant flowers. It is on the sidewalk and looks terrible right now because weeds have taken over. So to show our appreciation for Mohamed’s efforts to bring good to Burien, Shelli and I are going to spend Saturday having lunch at Snack Gyro and restoring the flower garden in front of his place. IMG_5237 Thank you Mohamad…and welcome to Burien!

EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Johnny Restaurant’ is our not-so-mysterious new food critic. If you have a suggestion for where he should eat next, please email!

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6 replies on “JOHNNY RESTAURANT: New restaurant reviewer checks out 'Snack Gyro'”

  1. I must say, I went there last week and have to agree, the food is GREAT! Mohamed is so friendly and really wants his customers to have a good dining experience. I plan on coming back again frequently!

  2. What a nice jester to welcome a new business to Burien. I plan to stop by soon for a bite to eat and checkout the updated sidewalk planter.

    1. Speaking of funny typos – the word you intended is “gesture,” not “jester.”
      I will have to check this restaurant out, sounds like it’s getting good reviews all around.

      1. Speaking of funny typos – the word you intended is “gesture,” not “jester.”
        Until someone shows up in a funny floppy hat saying welcome, welcome,
        while juggling bowling pins on a tricycle anyways..*lol*

  3. I had the #12 Arabic Shawarma today and it was delicious. I’ll have to go back and make my way through the whole menu. Hmmm. What shall I try the next time?

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