by Jack Mayne The Burien City Council handled a number of routine items in a generally calm and quiet meeting that lasted less than two hours on Monday, March 21. The Council voted to put on their April 4 meeting agenda an extension of the CARES animal control contract from its expiration on Aug. 31 to Jan. 31, 2017 while the city staff works out details for either a new contact for the nonprofit local agency or consideration of a new contract with King County Regional Animal Services. Junk vehicles City Attorney Soojin Kim proposed a junk vehicle abatement ordinance to replace current city statutes that haven’t been effective in getting junk cars moved. The new ordinance would actually get the junk vehicles removed from private property instead of notices and orders that are ignored, Kim said. Councilmember Lauren Berkowitz, on the telephone from home, said she was opposed to the proposed ordinance because it makes the city unfriendly to people who have low incomes. “It makes our city unlivable for people who don’t have adequate means and punishing the bottom again is not a way … ,” she said. Because of Berkowitz’s objections, the Council placed the measure on its April 4th business agenda for further discussion at that time. Sexual assault awareness The Council approved a proclamation making April as “Sexual assault awareness month” in the city. The city says the goal of Sexual Assault Awareness Month “is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it. Burien’s proclamation calls attention to rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, child abuse, and college campus incidents, and it highlights the need to work as a community to raise awareness, support survivors, and speak out against harmful attitudes and actions.” Subdivision OK’d Council also approved the final plat of the Canhtan Ta subdivision on property annexed to the city in 2010, said Community Development Director Chip Davis, and was processed by King County until the point of final approval. Planner Chad Tibbits said the 16-lot subdivision is at 12010 26th Avenue South in the Boulevard Park area annexation.]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

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  1. Regarding the junk vehicles – though I understand that it would be harsh to remove these vehicles, perhaps some of our Burien law makers should drive around some of the neighborhoods. 130th is a prime example. This lowers the values of our homes that we’ve worked hard for. If I could live in Normandy Park, this wouldn’t be an issue. Burien is becoming a “bad” neighborhood.

    1. How is it “harsh” to remove a vehicle that is a non running, value depreciated and long unused eye sore from someone’s yard ? You must be drinking some of that Berkowitz Cool Aid to adopt such a attitude. She has a alternative agenda, allowing people to live in cars on City streets and in peoples yards suits her Liberal left wing agenda as long as it’s not on her street or in her yard.

    2. I agree with Kathy Reeves. It’s fine to be friendly to low income families, but not at the expense of everyone else, who tries to maintain our property values and who pay our taxes every year on schedule. And right again about 130th St.; one rental has so many vehicles, many filled with junk, that never move that they have to park their overflow on the public right of way. This plus a back yard filled with junk has created a huge rat issue in the neighborhood, creating problems and expense for the rest of us.

  2. Hello Kathy,
    I disagree with you. Burien isn’t a “bad” neighborhood. There are so many kind people here. I’ve lived in small towns and big cities. And the neighborhoods varied in appearance as well as citizens. Burien is one of the nicest I’ve seen on both of the coasts and in foreign lands.
    People have been fixing up their yards and cleaning up their houses, so this spring everything looks good. It’s too bad that a few busy, tired, and overworked people don’t have the time to get around to getting something done about their sad looking cars. Remember that cars can be donated and that can be taken off the income tax as a charitable donation.

    1. You are correct Wondering about cars able to be donated.
      But in many cases people are just too lazy to pick up the phone and call an agency.
      That is why the city should be able to force people to clean up the junk cars.

  3. A little bit about donating cars.
    I tried a few years ago to donate a few of our fleet delivery vans as we purchased new ones. They refused to take them. The kicker on donating vehicles (at least back then) was the vehicle needed to be 8 years old or newer for them to even consider taking them.

    1. That is not necessarily true…there is more than one donation organization. In 2014 I donated a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo with 220000 miles and a fried transmission. The company I donated it to came to the location where the tranny blew and picked it up. The problem is that you need the title or the “in lieu of title” paperwork. Regardless, donation would solve a lot of the abandoned problem…

  4. “It makes our city unlivable for people who don’t have adequate means and punishing the bottom again is not a way … ,”
    Thanks Lauren for proving once again you are the person you hate. You think you can judge a persons income on how their yard looks? You must be at the bottom or have a low income because your yard is a wreck? Your yard is a wreck because you probably do not care about your neighborhood or you are lazy,it has nothing to do with your income. Are you profiling Lauren? The more you talk the more dizzy you get. Of course the bottom and low income need somebody with your brilliance to lead them to wealth and happiness….

    1. Seriously? Because meanwhile that person is fined more into poverty and their personal property is seized without eminent domain protections.

      1. The citizens in question have had ample time to either move their vehicles(s), sell them or donate them for a tax write off.
        Nobody is being driven into poverty, need some money sell that beater in your yard.
        And how has this even become about the poor or disadvantaged among us, I only have one vehicle so anybody with more than one is wealthy, right?

      2. You can tell somebody’s income by how well they maintain their yard? Laws should only be followed by people with $? There should be no laws for the people you say cant afford to pay attention to them…right Joey? Man I want to value your opinion but it is hard sometimes. Nothing personal brother

    2. Berkowitz lives in a pretty dumpy place herself per Google Street View and is worth less than what she paid for it per county records.
      Even has a sign out front saying “beware of the dog”. How appropriate!

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