The King County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in identifying these two men, suspected of several burglaries in Boulevard Park: KCSOWanted040115 Police say they stole over $10,000, and are asking anyone with any information to contact Detective J. Hock at (206) 477-6693.


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2 replies on “King County Sheriff's Office seeking public's help finding burglary suspects”

  1. I hope they are not members of a new “PAC” Political Action Committee raising funds for a certain council member who seems to support and condone our new mobile community members and the joy they bring to Burien.

  2. Most homeless people only commit small crimes like trespassing ,loitering,shop lifting and j walking its more of the meth using moron’s that pull crap like this. The guy in the picture facial expressions and eye’s looks like he is on somthing.

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