Waskowitz Foundation President Kent Horton and Waskowitz Program Director Roberta McFarland.

From the 1960s through the 1980s, 6th-graders in the Highline School District came home from their week at Camp Waskowitz with a fir seedling to plant in their yards as a reminder of lessons about forestry and conservation. Many of those trees still dot our landscape and have become a significant part of our local urban forest.
Now the Highline Historical Society and the Waskowitz Foundation are teaming up to co-sponsor a contest to identify the biggest Waskowitz tree still growing in our area.
If you know of a Waskowitz tree and would like to enter the contest, you’ll find an entry form at www.highlinehistory.org. The form includes space for you to tell the story of this tree and how it has grown. Contest entry fee is $5. Submission deadline is September 1, 2014.
The business sponsor of this contest is Emerald Tree Service, and students in the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences will do the final judging. The owner of the winning tree and the student or family who planted the tree each will receive a plaque to commemorate this achievement, along with the bragging rights this honor brings.]]>

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3 replies on “Know of a 'Waskowitz Tree'? Waskowitz Big Tree Contest underway”

  1. They weren’t all fir seedlings though. When I received mine in 1986, it was a cedar seedling. If I remember correctly, we had a choice, either Fir or Cedar. It is still growing well and very healthy at my parent’s house.

  2. Mr Harry Lemon, one of the establishers of Camp Waskowitz was one of my favorite teachers. He loved to talk about walking in the woods. He simply adored the trees and his face lit up when he talked about them, so much so that he instilled his love for them in many of his students. It is a great feeling for me to read here that so many students planted the tree right here in Burien that they received from Camp Waskowitz. I am excited to see who wins the Waskowitz Big Tree Contest.

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